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Which Hong Kong virtual host is better? (Recommended and ranked several cheap Hong Kong virtual hosts)

Which Hong Kong virtual host is better? Many of our webmasters will have such doubts when they choose Hong Kong virtual hosting, because at present we see that there are too many businesses providing Hong Kong virtual hosting, some are old service providers, some are new service providers, some are CN2 direct lines, and some are non direct lines. We should know why many people like to choose Hong Kong virtual host? The main reason is that the speed is similar to that of our mainland computer rooms, and the policy is relatively loose. The advantages of Hong Kong's fast speed and no need for filing are well known to the majority of webmasters in China.

 Recommended rental of several Hong Kong virtual hosts worth buying (Top 10 Hong Kong hosts list)

Which one do you choose among the numerous Hong Kong virtual hosting vendors? Here, Lao Zuo recommends several Hong Kong hosts that I can use every day. They have their own characteristics and we can choose them according to our needs.

First, Sugar Hosts candy host

Official website of candy host merchants

Candy host companies started to launch virtual host products as early as (about 2009). At that time, we used BH, JH and other businesses more, but now these old brands have changed or been acquired. At present, candy hosts provide mini virtual host and ordinary virtual host products. For example, mini virtual hosts also have Hong Kong computer rooms, which can build a site for entry-level users at an annual cost of about 60 yuan.

The traditional Hong Kong virtual host is suitable for multiple sites. There is also a PRO scheme virtual host, which can present a free IP address. Their Hong Kong virtual host is a direct line, and the speed is still acceptable.

Second, BlueHost

BlueHost merchant official website

Many of our netizens must be familiar with BLUEHOST merchants, especially when they chose this brand as a foreign trade website B2C in the early years. It is also because of the emergence of these overseas host companies that we realized the cost performance of overseas host companies. For example, merchants have introduced unlimited number of websites and unlimited capacity (there are actually restrictions).

Later, BlUEHOST merchants have been acquired. At present, the Chinese business is independent. The BH merchants we see in China are domestic product business teams. The company in Shanghai provides virtual hosts in India, the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, China, including cloud servers. Their Hong Kong virtual host also has many users to choose from.

Third, Eagle host

HawkHost merchant official website

HawkHost generally sees that Lefty seldom shares his family's preferential activities on Black Friday, Boxing Day, Cyber Monday and other activities every year. As a Canadian host company, they entered the Chinese market in the early years and were selected by entry-level website users because they supported Alipay payment at the beginning. The speed of their virtual host is average, but there are options for foreign trade and entry.

Their Asian computer rooms include Hong Kong and Singapore, but they are not directly connected. So if we do Chinese websites, we do not recommend them. If you want to do business in other Asian countries, you can choose.

Fourth, ZJI merchants

Official website of ZJI merchants

ZJI merchants, formerly known as Weixiang hosts, are products of domestic host companies. It was also mentioned in the Hong Kong server collation that this boss has a wide range of businesses and many brands. Among them, Lao Zuo saw that their home provided Hong Kong virtual host personal host space. The starting scheme pays about 150 yuan annually. If you need a Hong Kong virtual host, you can check it.

Here, we prefer BLUEHOST blue host and candy host. If we are a Chinese site, it is recommended to choose a better speed. Generally, we choose to use the Hawk host as an English foreign trade station. Their Hong Kong virtual host is not fast enough, the mobile network speed will be better, and the telecommunications speed is not good enough.

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