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Yousu CDN New Account Tutorial and Free CDN Acceleration Service Application Free 240GB Traffic

Today, no matter whether our webmaster users use domestic or foreign host products, they may consider using CDN to accelerate the resolution of these problems, considering the speed and stability of Internet users' access on various lines. Users with ability and capital may choose to pay for products or build their own CDN acceleration services, but for individual users, we must choose Free CDN Products and services.

Before Laozuo's blog, he also shared many free CDN businesses and services. If our website has ever had a BA, we can choose one similar to that in China Baidu Cloud Acceleration 360, Accelerator and other products that provide domestic nodes. If our website does not have BA, we can choose CLOUDFIRE Incapsula And other overseas nodes.

Several CDN articles shared before can be read for reference:

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There are many similar services abroad and at home. The one to share today is also a domestic service provider- Yousu CDN Although I have never used it, I am prepared to experience the product features of different merchants when I have time, which may be different from other merchants. Each account of their family provides 240GB of free traffic, which is enough for a small website. Of course, if it is not enough, we can also register more accounts to switch. Here Laozuo comes to simply experience this product. (Hong Kong node is not given by BA website)

First, new registered account

Official website:

 New registered account

If there is no account, we will register a new account with Chinese interface, which is not too difficult.


After the registration is completed, you can log in to use the activation email.

Second, get free 240GB traffic

New registered and free users can receive 240GB of traffic, which can be used for two years, with an average of 10GB per month. This is sufficient for ordinary small blogs.

 Get free 240GB traffic

In User Information, click the figure above.

 Get free 240GB traffic

Fill in the domain name here (WWW is not required), and then submit to claim.

Third, add site application acceleration services

After logging into the account, we can add a domain name and use the corresponding scheme package provided to accelerate the service. If we only use the free account we received and activated above, we can directly see the added sites in the site list.

 Add site application acceleration service

Because we have just added a site and haven't solved the problem of resolution, we must click into the site to provide resolution services.


After adding the resolution, we need to modify the CNAME alias resolution to 2 corresponding resolution addresses in the domain name management. After it takes effect, we can realize product services such as acceleration. If we are a BA domain name, we will automatically switch to the domestic node, otherwise it will be the overseas node (there are few overseas nodes at present, and Hong Kong nodes are directly given).

Fourth, the basic settings of Premium CDN

After adding the site and taking effect, we can also adjust the settings according to our actual needs.

 Basic settings of Premium CDN

These include HTTPS settings, firewall, cache, speed limit and video acceleration, which are basically the same as CDN services we see.

 Optimal speed CDN Hong Kong node speed

This PING test is the speed of the Hong Kong node of the superior speed CDN. At present, there are few overseas nodes, so we prefer Hong Kong nodes for sites without BA.

In conclusion, although the traffic provided by free users is not very large, the basic microblog is still enough. If it works well, you can choose the paid service. Especially for the Hong Kong node, we can use the Hong Kong node to speed up the domain names of users who use overseas hosts and do not have BA.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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