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Several Hong Kong server rental merchants worth buying (Hong Kong CN2 server recommended)

At present, our domestic webmaster users choose Hong Kong servers/Hong Kong ECS more often. One reason is that there is little difference between the speed of the computer room and that of the mainland computer room. Of course, the premise is that CN2 should be selected to optimize the line. The second reason is that the policy may be relatively loose. Of course, this does not mean that we can do illegal things. The content still needs to be used formally. We may know more about ECS servers in Hong Kong computer rooms, such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud and other businesses.

 Several Hong Kong server rental merchants worth buying (Hong Kong CN2 server recommended)

We can even see that domestic individual businesses and team businesses also provide traditional Hong Kong ECS (VPS host), but there is a big difference between Hong Kong servers (including independent server cluster servers) and ordinary ECS/VPS hosts. In this article, Lao Zuo sorted out several excellent CN2 optimized lines currently provided by domestic merchants Hong Kong server rental Merchants (independent servers) are suitable for medium and large businesses.

Here Lao Zuo declares again , we choose Any domestic and foreign servers must be used formally Do not speculate or use the product for improper purposes. And if there are better merchants, they can also write an email to recommend them to us, or we will update them when we meet good merchants later. (The ranking is not in any order, and the merchants only represent my personal opinion)

First, Megalayer merchants

 Megalayer merchants

Megalayer, the merchant was founded in 2019. Although it is relatively new, it is still developing rapidly. At present, there are independent servers, station cluster servers, large bandwidth servers of CN2 optimized lines and ordinary lines in Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines, and even traditional VPS hosts. Businesses focus on CN2 optimized lines and multi IP station cluster services, which are not optimized lines.

Lao Zuo has also tested his Hong Kong server rental product in several previous articles. The merchant server configuration is also relatively high at the beginning, with 8GB memory, 240GB SSD, 10M bandwidth, and three independent IP addresses by default. The monthly price starts at 499 yuan. We can have a look if we need to.

Second, RakSmart merchants

We must be familiar with RakSmart merchants. They have always been based on independent servers, station cluster servers, and even advanced anti DDoS servers. In the past year, the business has changed a lot. There are new servers in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and even advanced defense servers and station cluster servers. What is more distinctive is that the business's Hong Kong server is currently a proprietary computer room.

RakSmart merchant servers in Hong Kong started with 16GB memory, three independent IP addresses, and 1TB HDD traditional hard disks. The price is $107 per month, and 10M bandwidth does not limit traffic.

Third, DiyVM merchants

 DiyVM merchant

DiyVM merchant belongs to a domestic merchant. Some of our friends may rarely see their family's promotional activities. The boss rarely releases activities compared with the Buddhist department. After all, their current main business has been adjusted and they are already doing other offline physical industries. This main business is also a product of interest and feelings. Last year, the merchants planned to rebuild an independent server brand, but at present, the competition is too big and they have no energy to cancel the business.

When DiyVM merchants provide Hong Kong CN2 VPS services, they also provide Hong Kong servers, and can choose to add 100GB advanced anti DDoS IP addresses. DiyVM Hong Kong server starts with 16GB memory, 5M bandwidth, unlimited traffic, three independent IP addresses, 120GB SSD, and monthly payment of 499 yuan.

Fourth, ZJI merchants

The background of ZJI business may be strange to new friends, but I will briefly say that you must be familiar with it. This host brand is the predecessor of Weixiang, which is mainly engaged in the WP virtual host business. Its boss is probably familiar with LOCVPS, HOSTKVM and HOSTXEN businesses. The boss prefers to develop multiple brands together, which may also be a marketing strategy. ZJI merchant brand is mainly engaged in independent server business.

We can see that ZJI merchants have many computer room independent server products in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. Some are self operated computer room products, and some are direct selling products.

Fifth, Jingwen Internet

 Jingwen Internet

Lao Zuo, a Jingwen Internet merchant, is familiar with it. At present, I have one VPS host in Hong Kong and one VPS host in Japan. This business actually provides physical servers, including Japan, Singapore Hong Kong CN2 server Products. The starting configuration is 16GB memory, 500GB SSD, one independent IP address, and a monthly fee of 999 yuan. I'll check if the merchants have any after the discount.

Sixth, Fast Connect Network

 Xunlian Network's servers in Hong Kong and the United States promote their 4-core 8G10M servers in Hong Kong at 428 yuan per month

Founded in September 2017, Xunlian Online Business is a Hong Kong IDC service provider focusing on after-sales technical support. Because there is no large amount of resources for promotion and publicity, and all the friends who may not have heard of it, the merchants not only provide traditional server rental services, but also put a large amount of resources into after-sales technical training and guidance. In addition to handling operation and maintenance affairs, the resident engineers also have knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, CDN, domain name management, etc., and can analyze networks, systems Hardware and other elements to solve problems, customers only need to focus on managing their own business.

Recommended reading  Xunlian Network's servers in Hong Kong and the United States promote their 4-core 8G10M servers in Hong Kong at 428 yuan per month Xunlian Network's servers in Hong Kong and the United States promote their 4-core 8G10M servers in Hong Kong at 428 yuan per month Xunlian Network, a Hong Kong cloud service provider, is committed to providing individuals and enterprises with global Internet server rental services, cloud server rental services, DDOS security protection and other solutions to help customers provide high-speed, safe and stable Internet application services and improve enterprise competitiveness. At present, businesses provide independent servers in Hong Kong and the United States, ECS, [...] Updated: 2023/2/7 read the whole passage

The products of Xunlian online merchants are spread across many regions, including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Singapore. The servers start with E3 CPUs, 8G memory, SSD disks and 10M bandwidth. At present, Xunlian network service provider does not provide online independent subscription service for the time being. If there is a need for subscription, contact technology and customer service personnel are required. In the future, it will be more convenient if we can provide a relatively convenient self opening function.

In conclusion, due to the limited time and knowledge, Lao Zuo first sorted out several vendors that provide Hong Kong server rental. If we need Hong Kong servers, CN2 Hong Kong optimized line independent servers can be selected according to needs. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but also the stability of the actual use.


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