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Baidu Cloud Acceleration New Version Function Discussion and Free CDN Website Acceleration Performance Experience

A few days ago, some users in the old left group mentioned that they can join without BA Baidu Cloud Acceleration , and the node is still a domestic line. I was really surprised when I heard that. I mentioned this in the group when I wrote this article, and the netizen also showed me his customer site, which is really a domestic node. So I was ready to write an article like this. But after testing, I found that the site added today (without the BA domain name) was the same as the one added the day before yesterday. The result was still an American node. Is it because of the lack of personality or where the settings were wrong?

Anyway, since the article and title have been started, I'm still ready to finish this article, so I'll share the next version Baidu Cloud Acceleration The website is set up for adding sites, as well as the functions of the new version. At the same time, the speed of adding domain names without BA is compared.

First, introduction to Baidu Cloud Acceleration

A while ago, Baidu Cloud Accelerator launched its own Baidu Cloud Accelerator tool after the cooperation with the original Accelerator expired. So far, we can see that the version number is 3.0

 About Baidu Cloud Acceleration

Baidu Cloud Acceleration relies on the powerful Baidu platform, and its functions are constantly improving. At present, it has added functions such as JS asynchronous loading, DDOS protection, image compression optimization, synchronization, and so on. In the future, it will also provide fast access for site optimization. I am looking forward to the effect of these projects on webmasters' website solutions.

After this upgrade, domain names that previously required BA to join can also be joined this time if there is no BA, which gives users an additional channel to use CDN. Old Zuo was“ Share 5 domestic free CDN service providers and use comments And Four foreign free CDN services improve website speed "Article, general domestic CDN schemes require BA domain names to add services.

Second, the application of Baidu Cloud Acceleration

The application of Baidu Cloud Acceleration is also relatively simple. We need to have a Baidu account first, and then we can add a domain name after logging in.

A - Select access mode


Like other sites, we can choose to use DNS or CNAME for access. Here we generally choose CNAME for access. Enter the domain name we need to access.

B - Add domain name record

By default, the system will scan the binding of the sub domain name of our site, and then directly resolve the original bound IP address.

C - Set DNS resolution


According to the prompt, we need to add TXT and 2 CNAME resolution in the domain name resolution panel. Then wait for it to take effect.

Third, the speed of Baidu Cloud acceleration

If the domain name is not BA, it will directly use the overseas node. At present, CLOUDFIRE node is used.

 Speed of Baidu Cloud Acceleration

It would be perfect if Baidu could have overseas nodes of Asian routes in the future.

Fourth, what are the following functions

With the powerful functions, Baidu Cloud Acceleration will have a series of functions for webmaster users. For example, the search engine automatically returns to the source, the dead link automatically submits, and the sitemap automatically submits. These may help the operation and maintenance of the website.

In conclusion, although Lao Zuo did not see that the domain names without BA mentioned by netizens can use domestic nodes, in general, the function of Baidu Cloud Acceleration is still improving, and hopes to be more perfect in the future.

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