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Lao Zuo's recommendation of domestic and foreign cheap VPS hosts

Lao Zuo has used many merchant products from virtual hosts to VPS servers, such as“ Top 10 US virtual host/website space recommendation "There are currently and ever used virtual host products to share. For Lao Zuo's vast netizen group, the demand for VPS host is also increasing with the need of building a website. Lao Zuo also sorts out and shares the VPS host products from abroad and home based on his past and present use. Similarly, the VPS host below is a product that Lao Zuo has personally used for more than one year (It can only be used on behalf of Lao Zuo. Please search for relevant comments and offers before you consider it.).

 Laozuo commonly used domestic/foreign cheap VPS host vendors recommend sorting

In 2021, the competition among the major cloud service providers will be particularly fierce, but it should be favorable for our users, so that the cost will be lower and the choice space will be larger. However, if we are building a website or a stable project, we should not be too cheap, but more stable and service oriented. Different businesses have different characteristics, and any business and line cannot be stable all the time. What we need to do is regular observation and data backup.

Friendly Reminder The following is a list of commonly used domestic and foreign VPS hosts and servers introduced by Lao Zuo. They are all host products, not tools used for bad purposes. All hosts need to be used for regular station building and other regular purposes.

Foreign articles (ranked according to the order before and after use)

First, VULTR service provider

Data center: 20 machine rooms in Japan, Los Angeles, Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, etc

Merchant characteristics: multiple machine rooms are provided and multiple IP addresses can be deleted and opened at will, which is cheap

Brief introduction: As one of the largest game console providers in the world, Vultr will attract a large number of users with high-quality price performance, 16 data centers, and a $5 account usage fee for new registered accounts after its launch. As our users, Japan, Los Angeles and other data centers have good speed. If there is a need for other computer rooms overseas, we can also choose the ones that are suitable for us from their 20 data centers.

Recommended reading  Sorting out the latest available Vultr discount codes/coupons in 2023 (limited time new users' money saving benefits) Sorting out the latest available Vultr discount codes/coupons in 2023 (limited time new users' money saving benefits) Nowadays, whether we choose goods online or offline, we are used to asking whether there are preferential activities. If there are, it will accelerate the purchase desire. Similarly, if we are ready to choose Vultr merchant ECS, we will also ask whether there are Vultr discount codes or coupons. Indeed, Vultr merchants sometimes have needles [...] Updated: 2023/9/4 read the whole passage

Note: At present, the restrictions of VULTR merchants are relatively strict, one payment method can only open one account, and opening more accounts may easily lead to closure.

common problem:

1、 Readjust Vultr's new registered user to give a bonus of $100, valid for 14 days

2、 Several things that Vultr novices need to do after registering an account (to ensure the security of the account)

3、 Tutorial of launching ECS and selecting machine rooms for the new Vultr VPS host in 2021 (with the problem of IP impassability)

Second, RAKSmart service provider

Data center: America, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, etc

Merchant characteristics: provide station cluster servers, advanced anti DDoS servers, unlimited traffic up to 10G bandwidth, and cheap VPS

Brief introduction: overseas Chinese host companies provide independent servers, VPS hosts and other services. The business host of the company in China is still an independent server. They have station cluster servers, CN2 servers, and VPS hosts for the newly added San Jose CN2 line. They have Windows and Linux systems, and support Chinese and Alipay.

Recommended reading  The discount of RAKsmart ECS includes the annual payment of 129 yuan for computer rooms in Japan/Hong Kong/the United States The discount of RAKsmart ECS includes the annual payment of 129 yuan for computer rooms in Japan/Hong Kong/the United States RAKsmart merchants have been adding ECS products since October. It is unclear whether traditional VPS hosts will be canceled in the future. At present, four ECS rooms have been added to Los Angeles, San Jose, Hong Kong, China and Japan, and will be added later. At this year-end event, we saw that ECS has a discount of as low as one percent, and the annual payment is as low as 129 yuan, [...] Updated: 2022/1/20 read the whole passage

Third, GigsGigsCloud

Data center: Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States

Merchant characteristics: provide VPS and servers for CN2 machine rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States

Brief introduction: GigsGigsCloud merchants didn't have a good reputation in the early years, but they have been looking for changes in the past two years. In the element of easy access for Chinese consumers, there are Hong Kong and Singapore direct connection computer room hosts that provide large bandwidth. Among them, we can see that CLOUDLET K and CLOUDLET V Hong Kong machine rooms are suitable for our Asian machine room VPS host needs, and the bandwidth is also relatively large. If we see "No China Direct ROUT", it means that the optimized line is not directly connected.

Official website of GIGSGIGSCLOUD

Fourth, SugarHosts

Data center: Los Angeles, Hong Kong

Merchant characteristics: provide CN2 cloud servers in Hong Kong and the United States

Brief introduction: Sata and SSD hard disk VPS are provided, and there is a Windows VPS scheme. The MC Data Center in Los Angeles has optimized the domestic lines, with an average PING of about 160, supporting Alipay payment, and Chinese customer service. If you need to build a stable website, this machine is good. In October 2016, Hong Kong SSD VPS was added, and the minimum monthly payment was 47.5 yuan+50 yuan of bandwidth.

SugarHosts official website login

Fifth, Megalayer

Data center: Hong Kong, Philippines, America, Singapore

Merchant characteristics: provide optimized CN2 VPS and servers for computer rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States

Brief introduction: Megalayer is a new cloud server and independent server business. Its data center includes Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines. Its product solutions include VPS, independent servers, and station cluster servers. In particular, Hong Kong VPS and servers have CN2 optimized lines, which are suitable for station building and other businesses with speed requirements.

Recommended reading  Megalayer VPS promotional activities include CN2 optimized bandwidth of 159 yuan per year in Hong Kong/the United States/the Philippines Megalayer VPS promotional activities include CN2 optimized bandwidth of 159 yuan per year in Hong Kong/the United States/the Philippines We are quite familiar with Megalayer merchants. The main business direction of the merchants is independent servers and station cluster servers for CN2 bandwidth optimization, international BGP and omnidirectional bandwidth, and later there is also an increase in cloud server (VPS host) business. During the Mid Autumn Festival promotional activities, there were promotional activities released, which Lao Zuo thought was relatively strong [...] Updated: 2022/1/6 read the whole passage

Domestic (domestic virtual machine manufacturers)

First, Tencent Cloud

Data center: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc

Merchant characteristics: excellent domestic service provider with Asian computer rooms in Hong Kong

Brief introduction: Tencent ECS CVM will certainly not show weakness. They must also have some products that others have. Tencent ECS users are also more numerous. Comparatively speaking, the price is cheaper than Alibaba Cloud, and there are also many computer rooms at home and abroad.

Recommended activities Tencent Cloud Server's first new customer blockbuster promotion 2G5M lightweight server as low as 50 yuan per year

PS: If we need cloud products, we can start to purchase them. Click here to view the activity

Second, Alibaba Cloud

Data center: Qingdao, Hangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the United States, etc

Brief introduction: If you plan to use a domestic cloud VPS host, the brand position, stability and speed of Alibaba Cloud VPS products are relatively good, but our website needs to be prepared/documented. However, if you plan to use a long-term and stable VPS host, domestic VPS is still worth choosing. Each account of National Cloud Computing can apply for a preferential cloud server, with an annual payment of 330 yuan and a three-year payment of 800 yuan. There are computer rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.

Recommended activities Alibaba Cloud ECS year-end special - as low as 38 yuan per year for users and renewal

Select suggestions: AliCloud activities: Collection of regular promotions of Alibaba Cloud servers The Hong Kong server year is 119 yuan, and the mainland server year is 229 yuan.

Third, Jing'an Kuaiyun

Data center: Zhengzhou

Package price: 1024M 1 core 70GB hard disk 49 yuan/month

Brief introduction: Although the background of Jing'an Fast Cloud VPS and servers is not as good as that of Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, its merchants are relatively large in China, especially in terms of configuration and promotional activities. Often, some buy one year and get one year free, or half price activities. This month's activity is to enjoy a 50% discount on three years of fast cloud VPS or servers. For example, the three years of fast cloud basic VPS costs only 800 yuan.

Jing'an Express Cloud Service Provider Official

IV. UCloud

Data center: multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Package price: 1G1M1C Hong Kong server 150 yuan per year

Brief introduction: UCloud merchants have always followed the corporate line, and in recent years they have also begun to turn to individual consumers and launched a series of activities. If we need a Hong Kong server, we can participate in the current activities. The Hong Kong server will pay 150 yuan annually and 450 yuan for three years, which is suitable for the first order discount for new registered users.

UCLOUD limited time newcomer activity

Fifth, Huaweiyun

Data center: multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Brief introduction: Huawei merchants we are familiar with also release cloud products such as cloud servers. They used to be enterprise users, but now they are also individual users. They often also have servers with an annual minimum payment of 82 yuan for promotional activities. At present, the domestic computer rooms of Huawei cloud servers are not mandatory to record access, and they can be used as long as they have a record number.

Time limited activities of Huawei cloud service providers

Summary of VPS selection and use

The cheap VPS host can be used for learning, testing and drilling projects, and also for building websites. No matter which VPS we use, it is better to back up data regularly to avoid accidents. Relatively speaking, we need to pay more attention to these problems for cheap VPS hosts. Any business, even the old brand, has instability or service lag. We need to always pay attention to our own products, because only our own choice and experience are the most important, and comments can only be reference.

PS: If we choose any domestic or foreign VPS host company, we must use it regularly. If it takes up CPU resources for a long time, as well as functions such as SPAM that are not allowed, it will be banned from servers or even accounts by the company.

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