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What are the options for cheap Hong Kong VPS merchants? Five niche and cheap Hong Kong ECS VPS worth getting started

Cheap Hong Kong VPS Which option does the merchant have? Because the speed advantage of the Hong Kong computer room is basically the same as that of the mainland computer room, it is very popular with users. But in recent years, we have seen some domestic service providers raise their prices one after another, and Tencent Cloud Hong Kong servers have reached nearly 1000 yuan, so many netizens began to look for CN2 optimized lines with high cost performance Hong Kong ECS Merchant. In this article, Chiang recommended five cheap ones Hong Kong ECS

1. Warner Cloud Hong Kong Server

Warner Cloud is also an old Hong Kong service provider, providing cloud servers, station cluster servers and large bandwidth servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and other regions. Among them, the new customer Hong Kong ECS has a special annual payment scheme, which uses CN2 GIA boutique to optimize the line, with excellent speed.

 Warner Cloud Hong Kong Server

CPU Memory Hard disk bandwidth port original price Select Host
1 core 1GB 50GB unlimited 2Mbps 68 yuan/month Select Scheme
2 cores 4GB 50GB unlimited 2Mbps 136 yuan/month Select Scheme
4-core 4GB 50GB unlimited 5Mbps 292 yuan/month Select Scheme
4-core 8GB 50GB unlimited 5Mbps 364 yuan/month Select Scheme

At the same time, this business occasionally has an ECS special price second kill activity( Time limited activities )。

2. EdgeNAT Hong Kong ECS

EdgeNAT, a domestic niche service provider, provides cloud servers and advanced defense independent servers in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Los Angeles. Among them, Korean CN2 ECS and native IP server are more attractive to us. Of course, friends with advanced anti DDoS independent servers can also choose.

 EdgeNAT Hong Kong ECS

Memory CPU SSD bandwidth Price purchase
2G 2 cores 20G 5Mbps 480 yuan/year link
8G 4-core 40G 10Mbps 1200 yuan/year link
6G 6 cores 70G 10Mbps 1040 yuan/year link
16G 8 cores 100G 10Mbps 2400 yuan/year link

3. UUUVPS Hong Kong ECS

UUUVPS, a Hong Kong cloud service provider, has previously introduced the return route of the boutique network of Los Angeles 9929 Unicom. For some friends who need to build a website, they still need to use the Hong Kong CN2 line. Here, businesses provide the Hong Kong CN2 BGP network, direct connection to China Mobile Unicom, and the 5M bandwidth does not limit traffic.


For BGP in Hong Kong, China Telecom uses CN2, China Mobile, China Unicom direct connection, and the national average delay is 50. It is suitable for businesses with high delay requirements.

Memory CPU SSD bandwidth Price choice
1G 1 core 30G 5Mbps 71 yuan/month link
2G 2 cores 50G 6Mbps 118 yuan/month link
4G 4-core 70G 7Mbps 183 yuan/month link
8G 8 cores 100G 8Mbps 286 yuan/month link
16G 12 cores 150G 9Mbps 501 yuan/month link

25% discount code: 3U75OFF

4. CubeCloud Hong Kong ECS

CubeCloud, a domestic host company established in 2016, is mainly engaged in cloud servers with KVM architecture. The data center includes the computer rooms we are familiar with in Hong Kong, China and Los Angeles, America, including PRO scheme and LITE scheme, which respectively represent CN2 GIA optimized lines and ordinary lines. Here we irregularly collate the preferential activities of CubeCloud merchants.

 CubeCloud Hong Kong ECS

CPU Memory SSD bandwidth flow IPv4 Price Purchase address
2 cores 1G 15G 50M 400G/month one RMB 79/month Click Direct
2 cores 2G 30G 100M 800G/month one RMB 159/month Click Direct
4-core 4G 60G 100M 1500G/month one RMB 289/month Click Direct
4-core 8G 80G 200M 2000G/month one ¥ 569/month Click Direct

The host hardware adopts Xeon E5-2680 v4 series processor, DDR4 memory, enterprise MLC SSD, RAID10 data protection, 12GB/s 8GB Cache hardware array card. Route: CN2 GIA/CU VIP (10099)/CMI, preferred for station construction.

5. UFOVPS Hong Kong ECS

We can see that the Hong Kong cloud servers of UFOVPS merchants include the Hong Kong cloud server BGP large bandwidth. This is not an optimized line for Asian businesses in non mainland regions. The Hong Kong cloud server CN2, which is also an ordinary CN2 direct connection line, and what we want to see is the CN2 GIA high-speed optimized line. Here are two solutions, one is an ordinary enterprise hard disk, One is SSD solid state disk.


Memory core Hard disk flow bandwidth Price choice
1GB 2 cores 20GB unlimited 2M 69 yuan/month link
1GB 2 cores 30GB unlimited 2M 89 yuan/month link
2GB 2 cores 40GB unlimited 3M 129 yuan/month link
3GB 4-core 50GB unlimited 3M 229 yuan/month link

We can also use UFOVPS90% 10% off for the first month. For the selection of hard disk scheme, if we have high requirements for read-write, we recommend choosing SSD solid state disk. If we want a larger disk with less requirements for read-write, we should choose HDD disk.

If we need a cheap and cost-effective CN2 Hong Kong VPS host and ECS, these businesses can choose.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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