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Four foreign free CDN services improve website speed

In order to accommodate users from different regions to visit our website and improve the speed experience of users visiting our website, we need to use CDN acceleration to allocate the nearest nodes for different users according to the distribution of CDNs. Sometimes the overseas host or VPS local access speed we choose is good, but not necessarily the user's access speed. We can use PING to test the access to different regions, and even some regions have timeout.

If we are an English website, it must be used Foreign CDN At present, many third-party service providers provide free and paid services. Of course, we can also build our own services. The latter costs energy and money. As an ordinary grassroots webmaster, I still want to find a free service platform. Lao Zuo has sorted out four foreign websites Free CDN Service, hope it can help our website.

First, CloudFlare


CloudFlare is a relatively large foreign country Free CDN The service platform provides free and paid services, which is generally clear to our friends who use the host, and even binding with the CPANEL host panel can speed up our website. If it is an English website, we can consider using it. It also has the function of protecting against attacks. Previously, Laozuo's website in Linode was attacked by people bored, and then CloudFlare was slightly better to resist.

Second, Incapsula


Incapsula is a CDN service provider in Singapore. The reason why we use Incapsula is that we can provide services with Singapore nodes. There must be no problem in using English websites. If we need to use Chinese websites, Singapore nodes are relatively fast for domestic visits. Lao Zuo used it last year. Sometimes this product needs to be maintained several times a month. I don't know whether it is still the same now.

Third, TinyCDN


TinyCDN relies on the CDN service provided by Amazon. The main reason is that paid users can only provide a 30 day trial free of charge. If they are not afraid of the hassle, they can still try a new one every month. Because they are mainly responsible for paying, I think free users should be given good speed. After all, they want to fool us into paying for upgrades.

Fourth, jsDelivr


From the domain name, we can see that free JS acceleration can be provided. If our website or need to work hard on some JS services, we can obtain the remote called JS services after submitting. In this way, we can save JS files in the website and realize sharing.

In a word, we usually use the first and second services for free. If conditions permit, we can upgrade the paid services.

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