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Vultr VPS merchants also adjust the price and configuration structure, and the monthly payment is as low as $2.5

Lao Zuo, like many netizens this morning, saw the most information that Vultr VPS merchants also adjusted their prices and configuration structure. It is not surprising that this result will happen sooner or later. The root of everything comes from the adjustment of the Linode merchants. Anyway, every year, the Linode merchants do not appear to have their own influence when they are not doing things in order. For peer merchants, there will certainly be some adjustment strategies. For users, the price and configuration have a good cost performance ratio, but the stability will theoretically have an impact, depending on whether it is within our acceptable range.

 Vultr VPS merchants also adjust the price and configuration structure, and the monthly payment is as low as $2.5

Vultr adjusted its structure from the original 768MB memory, 15GB hard disk, 1TB monthly traffic and $5 monthly payment scheme to $2.5 monthly payment, 512MB, 500GB monthly traffic and 20GB hard disk.

 New configuration architecture of VULTR VPS

From the configuration point of view, the traffic starts from 500GB, and the minimum hard disk configuration is 20GB more than before. From this structure, it should also be a conscious response to the adjustment of Linode merchants. However, at present, each account can only open two $2.50 plans.

Here Lao Zuo tries to open more than one, and then prompts that only two can be opened. It is not clear whether sales will be liberalized in the future. If sales are liberalized, it is bound to have an impact on overseas host circles. (It has little impact on domestic host companies. Many Chinese host companies began to transform domestic and Asian computer rooms last year.)

First, Vultr new registered user

New user activity:

For new registered accounts, registered Vultr users will be given 20 dollars, which is valid for 1 year. ( Has expired ) One payment method can only be used once, and only credit card and PAYPAL can be used. Even users who want to register multiple accounts speculatively should find ways to use different payment methods. At present, Vultr has cancelled all activities of free balance for registering new accounts. Please let me know if other friends have suitable discounts.

 $20 for new registered users of VULTR

If the offer fails, you can refer to“ Vultr VPS topic - Vultr discount code, route selection, project application skills "Old users cannot enjoy other preferential activities.

Second, Vultr 15 machine rooms test IP

1. Frankfurt:

2. Paris:

3. Netherlands:

4. London:

5. Singapore:

6. New York:

7. Japan:

8. Chicago:

9. Atlanta:

10. Miami:

11. Seattle:

12. Dallas:

13. California:

14. Los Angeles:

15. Sydney:

In conclusion, as far as speed is concerned, Lao Zuo also mentioned that his family's speed is average before, but the feature is that there are many computer rooms, and it is charged by the hour. When the project is used up, it can be deleted directly. I like short-term projects and projects with more IP requirements. I have met many users who use the swipe order, and can customize the installation of WINDOWS system users. If you really want to build a website, the stability is slightly better in Los Angeles, and the ping speed of the Japanese computer room is OK, but the actual use speed in my side seems not very fast.

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