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Vultr is about to add Alipay payment, that is, add Alipay method to an existing account

Vultr Although the establishment time is not too long, we cannot deny that it is the mixing of these businesses that leads to the fierce competition in the VPS host market, including the configuration adjustment or price reduction of Linode, which was originally high. The characteristics of Vultr VPS host do not lie in its speed. The current speed is certainly not as good as at the beginning. After all, the low price and the influx of a large number of users have an impact on the line and performance.

Vultr VPS hosts are characterized by multiple machine rooms and the ability to customize the installation of WIN systems for remote desktops. Lao Zuo has seen that many users can delete and replace machine rooms at any time by using these servers. Some short-term CPS projects are still used more, which has certain advantages over VPS hosts that pay monthly or have less IP resources.

Note update: At present, VULTR has suspended Alipay follow-up, and will share it later if there is any situation.

 Vultr is about to add Alipay payment, that is, add Alipay method to an existing account

Perhaps because of the convenience of domestic users, Vultr is about to add Alipay payment methods, which can only be Paypal and credit card. For many users, the latter two payment methods are not available. at present Vultr Alipay The payment method is still in the internal testing stage. I saw that some netizens have published and mentioned it, and some netizens' accounts have automatically added Alipay payment methods. So Lao Zuo also wrote TK to ask about the situation. The answer is as follows:

Thank you for your interest in using Alipay! Alipay is currently in BETA and is not officially available. I have enabled Alipay on your account and you can make a deposit from

Since Alipay is in internal BETA and not officially available, it is possible you may experience errors such as delayed payment recording on your Vultr statement or etc if you make a payment today.

Alipay will be officially available to all users soon! Once we've finished our internal BETA, we will make an official announcement on our news feed and on our Twitter account.

If we have a VULTR account, we can submit a work order through TK. The title of the work order is arbitrary, but it is OK to use English anyway. You can ask whether to give a Alipay payment method, or ask about Alipay (I asked when Alipay was supported), and then they will generally open a payment method that supports Alipay.

Here we can see that my current account can be recharged by Alipay.

To sum up, Alipay has not been fully opened up yet, and the new registered account has not seen the way of Alipay. You need to wait until it is fully opened.

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