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Record the configuration reduction scheme of Linode to save costs and reduce the old configuration by one level

Last year, Linode merchants uniformly doubled the memory upgrade, but the price did not change. The minimum price was $10 a month. And for most basic users, the double memory is not very useful. At that time, the sound could be half price, and the memory kept the original 1GB. Some time ago this year, we also saw that the minimum 1GB configuration scheme was provided this time, and the monthly payment was $5. Therefore, for those who need to upgrade to the 2GB scheme and cannot use this configuration, they can downgrade to a new level, which can reduce costs.

There is also a test machine on the old left hand, which is currently in 2GB configuration. Here, we are going to save some costs by degrading. So this article is also recorded by the way, so that some friends can refer to it.

First, preparation before Linode reduces configuration

1. Backup, backup. To ensure the possible problems, we need to back up the server website and data for the downgraded configuration to the local or other remote machines. It's really helpless when something happens.

2. Check whether the current environment really does not require 2GB of memory. We need to check whether the current server environment really does not need 2GB of memory. For example, you only use a few hundred megabytes. If it is more than 1GB, you should not downgrade it.

 Preparation before Linode lowering configuration

Second Linode degraded Configuration (downshift) process

1. Shutdown

Enter the Linode panel to shut down the VPS host.

 Linode shutdown

2. Modify hard disk size

Since the hard disk in the 1GB configuration scheme is only 20GB, and the original configuration we upgraded to the 2GB scheme is 24GB (currently the new one is 30GB), we need to adjust the hard disk to 20GB.

 Modify hard disk size

Here we need to adjust the hard disk.

 Modify the size of the LINODE hard disk

I don't calculate the exact value here, because theoretically 1GB=1024MB, so I write an integer directly. After clicking save changes, the system will execute the progress, and wait for the completion before proceeding to the next step.

3. Lower grade

 Degrade LINODE

Here we select 1024 scheme and click Resize this linode now. Then wait for the progress to complete.

4. Start

After the progress is completed, click BOOT to start the machine.

Third, check whether the current configuration is normal

Here Lao Zuo goes to check whether the memory is in 1GB configuration, and then checks whether the site (I used a probe to test the file without putting anything else in it, and it is still there) is normal. If everything is all right, the matter will be done.

PS: After continuously adjusting the configuration and reducing the price, the after-sales service is not as fast as before. Previously, a work order was submitted for more than ten minutes for processing. A few days ago, a work order was submitted and a half day response was made.

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