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The advantages of these Vultr VPS host vendors create a user driving force for vendors

At present, there is considerable competition in the ECS market. For example, during the mid year event, we saw that all major service providers were looking for this gimmicky activity to release various activities, some of which are even the usual event prices, just to put it another way. It can be seen that the industry is really competitive. Of course, we can also see that many host companies disappear in a few months, and many individual businesses are playing with several brands and then fooling around.

 The advantages of these Vultr VPS host vendors create a user driving force for vendors

Of course, Laozuo personally suggested that when choosing a service provider, he should try to choose an old brand provider to make the performance more stable. Recently, Lao Zuo may prepare to reorganize some information and tutorials of Vultr merchants. Some of the previous tutorials were fragmented. This vendor still has a lot of characteristics. In this article, Lao Zuo plans to sort out several reasons why Vultr VPS host vendors can survive and maintain a certain degree of activity.

First, brand viscosity

If you remember correctly, the VULTR merchant was founded around 2013. At that time, we might know that the price of the Linode store was still outrageous. At that time, there were relatively few host companies and the price was on the high side. So at this time, there are VULTR merchants, and the cost performance ratio is relatively high. At the beginning, I remember that there are dozens of data centers.

It is said that the background of the merchants is also quite powerful. It is a large game server provider, so that so many data centers can be launched at one time. Over the years, we can see that the merchants are still maintaining the breadth of application development and products.

Second, more machine rooms

At present, VULTR has 17 data centers covering Asia, America, Europe, Australia, etc. But let's be honest here. Although there are computer rooms in Japan and Singapore, there is no direct CN2 connection. There was a time before and there was no one later. So if it is to build a Chinese project, the speed is certainly not as fast as that of CN2 to optimize the line.

VULTR server merchants have more than ten machine rooms, which is suitable for projects requiring multiple machine rooms.

Third, unique functions

Continue to follow the characteristics of the above multiple computer rooms. The ECS of VULTR merchants supports hourly billing. We can activate the server at any time and delete it at any time so that it can be activated on demand. Each activation is based on a different IP address and charged according to the duration of use. This feature is suitable for short-term services or those requiring multiple IP services.

This feature is really needed by many and some foreign trade businesses.

Fourth, custom functions

At present, VULTR merchants have successively provided dozens of one button application functions. This is very convenient for those who need to deploy applications quickly. This left man is also here“ Vultr VPS host provides 30+one click application installation tools with quick deployment software package "It is mentioned in the article. At the same time, the VULTR VPS host supports custom installation of ISO images, on which we can deploy the WIN system.

Fifth, new user benefits

The rapid development of VULTR is also due to the quick benefits for new users. For example, in the past, new registered users often issued coupons of $100 or $50, and then used them at a discount. Here we can New registered account And get a certain reward. However, it should be noted that when you register a new account, you need to recharge a certain amount to activate it.

In short, some of the advantages of VULTR VPS host companies will be slowly excavated and shared by Lao Zuo.

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