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Vultr, founded in 2014, is a brand project of Gameservers to provide KVM architecture cloud VPS host products. All of them are based on KVM architecture and have SSD solid state disks. So far, they have 19 computer room lines in the world, including Asia, America, Europe, etc. It should be considered as one of the service providers that provide more nodes in the virtual machine project.

Vultr VPS host companies can have a large number of users and markets in the highly competitive host market in just two or three years, which is closely related to their product settings, cost performance, and marketing strategies. Based on the KVM architecture SSD solid state disk, and the monthly fee is as low as $5, and has a strong technical team and strength background support, especially the price has certain advantages. At the same time, a reward balance of $5-50 will be given to newly registered users, which can attract a large number of new users to choose and test.

At the same time, the highlight of Vultr is that it can customize the ISO installation system, especially the Windows system, which is suitable for users who need to connect to projects remotely; It has the option of 19 machine rooms, and can delete the hourly payment virtual machine at will, which has certain flexibility for user cost saving and free and flexible choice of scheme configuration. Therefore, Lao Zuo will use this article to organize the collection of practical, applicable user projects and beginners' tutorials of Vultr VPS.

Notes: At present, VULTR new registration, recharge and other free money activities are only limited to new registered users. If we need to register multiple accounts for speculation, we must be cautious. If we are found, it is easy to lead to the closure of related accounts.

First, Vultr new account and Vultr discount code are optional

Note to users: We must know that the newly registered Vultr account will give a certain reward to the new user. The balance will be used for testing the host, for example, $5-50. Many friends will speculate to register multiple accounts and then hope to get such a free opportunity, but this operation is not advisable, because Vultr has a strict anti cheating system. If it is found to register multiple accounts, all related accounts will be closed.

Therefore, we should try our best not to speculate. If we have not registered an account, we can enjoy the policy of new members. After all, we are all eager to provide stable VPS products. If everyone is so speculative, what businesses can provide us with stable products?

1. $100 for new users

$100 for new users, limited to 14 days

Use this connection to register a new VULTR account. You can get $100 for free, but the validity period is only 30 days (currently changed to 14 days).

 Latest available Vultr offers

For Vultr registration tutorial, please refer to here( Vultr new account registration ), which can help you solve your account problems.

2. $100 for new users (recommended)

Direct link address - up to $100 for new registration recharge

New registered users will receive $10 for recharging $10, and the maximum is $100 for recharging $100. The amount of the gift is valid for 365 days. This option has the longest validity period compared with the free balance. It is recommended to choose this option.



Support credit card and PAYPAL payment. If you can't see the discount, you can use the discount code: VULTRMATCH , enter Enter Code to activate.

3. $250 for new registration

New registered users will receive a free gift of $250, which is valid for 30 days. Credit card payment method activation is supported. Can be activated with FLYVULTR250 Discount code.

4. 25% off within 30 days of ECS new registration

25% discount for new customers and new accounts. But only 25% off for ECS launched within one month.

Caution: We should not think that Vultr merchants are stupid and should not speculate. One account can only have one payment method and one set of personal registration data. If any association is found, all accounts will be blocked. If you activate with PAYPAL, you need to recharge the balance of $5 at least. If you use a credit card, you need to deduct $2.5 as the verification fee and return it after one month.

Second, Vultr VPS line selection reference

So far, Vultr merchants have 15 computer room lines in Japan, Singapore, Los Angeles, Seattle, France, the United Kingdom and other countries. The lines of so many computer rooms are a good choice for some user projects that need multiple nodes. However, for our users who build the site, we choose the computer room according to the actual project, such as the European computer room for the European user project, and the American computer room for the American user project. Only if it is a Chinese project, although we have recently seen the speed adjustment of lines in Japan and Singapore, it is not a direct connection, so we can choose or just choose American computer rooms such as Los Angeles and Seattle.

The advantage of the Vultr VPS virtual machine line is that we can choose at will, and if we are not satisfied with the service, we will delete the machine directly, so that we will not continue to deduct fees, but pay by the hour. Similarly, we can also use this method to select and switch IP usage. Here are some basic tutorials you can refer to:

1、 Detailed introduction to the user panel and common functions of the new Vultr official website

2、 Calculation and sorting of Vultr VPS host deduction method

Third, Vultr VPS virtual machine project application

We choose any VPS or server product, which can be used either to build a website or to deploy the required debugging environment or software environment. According to Lao Zuo's survey, both Vultr VPS station building and project are available. Like most Linux vps servers, select the appropriate system and running environment, and then deploy the WEB environment to build a website after creating the system.

 Vultr VPS virtual machine project application

The advantage of this host product is not only that it can deploy the system quickly, but also that it can provide more one click environments, such as Docker, Drupal, LAMP, LEMP, OwnCloud and other applications. Laozuo personally suggested that if we use the Web environment for building a website, we should deploy the Web panel by ourselves or use the familiar one click package.

The Vultr VPS custom ISO function is not available to most hosting companies at present, because many projects need to use remote desktop testing, but Windows VPS costs more, and there are not many providers. Vultr can be deployed and installed by himself, and Lao Zuo has tried it several times in his blog. I will not list them here, but can refer to the following article directly.

1、 The whole process of Vultr VPS installation of Windows 7 system and ISO upload and deployment settings

2、 Vultr VPS host custom installation English Windows XP system procedure with XP system ISO

3、 Using Vultr VPS Custom ISO Function to Install Windows 2003/2008 System

In conclusion, any VPS server vendor and product has its advantages and disadvantages. Vultr vendors have the advantages of relatively cheap prices, a certain bonus balance for new registered users, and strong flexibility in deploying projects. However, although there are many computer rooms on the line, the speed of the line is not very fast. I hope the merchants can improve the speed optimization in the future.

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