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Vultr VPS host uses official image to install genuine Windows system with one click

Many of our netizens are using Vultr VPS Although the computer room of the host company is not very fast, there is no direct connection line. However, there are many computer rooms in others' houses. At present, there are as many as 17 data centers, which are suitable for some projects that need multiple computer rooms. In addition, it is billed by hour, and the machine can be deleted and opened at any time as required, so as to change the IP address and save costs.

We usually choose more Vultr VPS hosts or more Linux images, such as CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu images. Or the merchants also support the installation of LAMP, LNMP, and so on. In previous articles, we also mentioned that Windows can be installed in DD mode. However, these will not be officially recognized. If we want to formally install genuine Windows systems, we still need to use the official one button image for installation.

 Vultr VPS host uses official image to install genuine Windows system with one click

Here we can see that there are Windows systems when selecting images, including 2016 and 2012 systems. Of course, there is no WIN machine room available in some machine rooms, and you will be prompted to sell out. For example, Lao Zuo saw that there was no WIN system to install in the Korean computer room.

Here I see that "temporarily Sold out" means that there is no image option, so it cannot be installed.

When we choose a configuration, the WIN system will require a higher configuration according to the requirements of the system, but a lower configuration cannot be selected. After all, the WIN system requires high resources. Of course, we can see that the relative cost of the server price of the WIN system has also increased. After we submit the installation and wait a few minutes for the installation, we can give the server login remote information, and then we can log in to the WIN server to remotely operate items as needed.

In conclusion, if we install through the genuine WIN system image of Vultr merchants, there is no problem. If we install pirated software, there is a risk if it is found.

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