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Reasons and quick solutions for IP failure of Vultr VPS to open ECS

We have seen many netizens report that after the Vultr VPS ECS is enabled, it is unable to connect and log in to SSH remote. This problem may be that the server has not been configured and installed completely, or the server we have enabled has no IP address or the IP address is blocked after use. How should we deal with these problems?

For other hosting companies, if the monthly or annual payment server is unavailable or the IP address of the newly purchased server is blocked, we can write a work order to apply for changing the IP address. If the IP is blocked for our own reason after we use it, we can only buy a new IP address or a new server. It is not allowed to help us refund or change the IP address.

However, for the hourly billing mode adopted by the VULTR merchant, we can change the IP address by our own operation, but we need to solve the problem first. Here, Lao Zuo simply sorted out the reasons and solutions for the IP failure of the ECS enabled by Vultr VPS.

First, the IP pool itself

For example, Lao Zuo has opened a Japanese computer room in his home before, and the five machines that have been opened consecutively have no IP connection. The main reason is that some IPs are blocked because they have been used by other users, so after deletion, the IPs are still in the IP pool. If we open them to the IP, they are still blocked. Such a problem is not our problem, but we can only re open the server until the IP is free.

Second, the problem of subsequent use

If we use the server normally, there is no problem with the general IP, but it does not rule out that some of our netizens use functions that cause the IP to be blocked or even blocked. Of course, sometimes it may be our own configuration. If we encounter this problem, we will reconfigure the server to check whether it is a problem of our own configuration.

Third, quick solutions

Whether it's our newly opened server or our subsequent use. At present, the business does not strictly stipulate that the latter is not allowed to be replaced. We can delete the machine and reconfigure the server. Because when deleting a machine, whether our IP address is not connected or not. There is no need to ask the official to change the IP address or let them handle it. We can simply delete and reactivate the machine.

Of course, Lao Zuo also suggested that we use any merchant server in a standardized way. Make rational use of the resources of merchants.

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