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Record the command to close Centos7 firewall

At present, we usually use Centos or more Linux images. For server security, most of us need to set firewalls on the server side. But for some projects, we need to contact the firewall first, and then successively set the port and IP for release. Here, we use Centos7 more often, which is different from the previous Centos6 firewall settings.

 Record the command to close Centos7 firewall

How do we set the centos7 firewall off?

1. Check firewall status

 systemctl status firewalld.service

With this command, we can check the status of centos7 and whether it is running. If it is running, it needs to be shut down and started.

2. Turn off firewall command

 systemctl stop firewalld.service

Here, we can turn off the firewall. If we restart the server, it will start automatically.

3. Prohibit firewall

 systemctl disable firewalld.service

If we want to completely disable the firewall, we can disable the firewall command, so that the server will not be restarted after restarting.

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