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Several American PHP hosts recommend PHP+MYSQL website building programs

We used to use more ASP space when we started to learn how to build a website. At that time, we also used ASP website programs. Later, people gradually began to use CMS programs of PHP programs, mainly because CMS programs of PHP programs are more common at home and abroad, and there are more choices. In this way, the choice of PHP host should also be changed. For example, we choose to use more of the foreign trade website hosts American PHP host

At present, most of the host companies on the market are mainly promoting ECS and independent servers, PHP space is relatively small, but there are still some old service providers. Here, we sort out several recommended vendors that support American PHP hosts, usually using cPanel panels. If we need to choose, we can refer to them.

First SugarHosts

SugarHosts, Looking at the words, we are used to calling it Candy Host. A British host company founded in 2009 has been selling to the Asian market since its inception, so we can see that it provides simplified Chinese, Alipay, Chinese customer service, etc. At present, there are virtual hosts in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, France, Taiwan and other regions. In general, our Chinese website suggests to choose Hong Kong and the United States direct connection machine rooms, while the European host needs to choose German machine rooms.


Candy hosting companies also have cloud servers and independent servers at present, but here we only look at their virtual hosts. For other ECS or independent servers, we will introduce others.

Second HawkHost

HawkHost, Canada's virtual host company, Eagle host company, because its logo is the eagle logo, we used to call it as the eagle host. A Canadian host company established in 2002 has supported Alipay payment since 2012, which is regarded as a relatively old overseas host company. In the same period, many host companies have been closed and acquired, and Hawk has always insisted on and steadily improved. Currently, there are Los Angeles, Singapore, Dallas, Washington, and the Netherlands, and many virtual hosts are selected.


Hawk's virtual hosting company is also just a Linux system, and can choose Los Angeles, Dallas and other computer rooms. Although there are also computer rooms in Hong Kong and Singapore, if you do Chinese websites, it is recommended to choose Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Foreign trade websites also give priority to Los Angeles. Others can choose according to needs. If you are a local business in Singapore, you should choose Singapore.


In the early years around 2010, foreign trade websites were very popular. Can we not know about BlueHost merchants? Most foreign trade websites will use their home virtual hosts. This is an old host company, which has been acquired by EIG. At present, there are Chinese website services for China, and the host is also different from the international version. The Chinese website provides computer rooms in Hong Kong, India, the United States, and so on. Generally, we prefer Hong Kong computer rooms and American computers.

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BlueHost is an old brand business host in the United States. At present, it provides virtual hosts and server products in the United States and Hong Kong, with advanced technology, good service and stable server, suitable for small business website applications.

Fourth GoDaddy

We old webmasters must be familiar with GoDaddy, an American virtual hosting company. In the past, no matter whether it was a virtual host or a domain name, there were a huge number of users. So far, the domain name is the world's NO1 holdings. Businesses have been providing virtual hosting, domain names, servers, and domain name trading services since 1997. Our old webmaster must be familiar with this service provider. At the beginning, it was famous for providing various domain name promotions. However, at present, businesses no longer pursue low price promotions, but provide stable products and services. Netizens choose this service provider to purchase more domain names and hosts, especially for foreign trade websites.


Here we can see that Godaddy merchants are mainly focused on domain names and hosts. Hosts include virtual hosts, cloud servers VPS host, etc. Here we look at their home virtual host. The virtual host of their home is generally used for foreign trade business. Laojiang, a Chinese website, does not recommend it. The speed is average.

Fifth SiteGround

SiteGround, It is also a relatively old American virtual hosting company. They provide virtual hosting WordPress dedicated host, virtual machine, etc. Generally, we choose more virtual hosts. Many foreign trade websites will choose their own virtual hosts. They also use cPanel panel management and are all Linux systems. They are highly praised in foreign trade circles. If we need to build a foreign trade website, we can choose this one.

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We can see that there are three SiteGround hosting packages, StartUp、GrowBig、GoGeek。 The difference lies in the different configurations and the number of supported stations. If we are a single website, we can choose the StartUP host scheme. If we have multiple sites, we recommend choosing the GrowBig package. This package is popular, and merchants do not support Alipay payment. We need to use credit card or PAYPAL payment method.

Sixth Hostwinds

Hostwinds is an excellent American host company, specializing in providing high-quality and inexpensive American virtual hosts Linux/Windows VPS、 ECS, load balancer, dedicated server and other products. The load balancer is conducive to evenly distributing traffic among servers, thus reducing the pressure of a single server and improving the responsiveness of the system. Hostwinds is also an old foreign VPS host. It was not famous in China, but because it supports Alipay recently, this old foreign VPS host has come back to our vision. Hostwinds is actually very suitable for the use of foreign trade websites. Because there are computer rooms in Europe and the United States, these two computer rooms cover most foreign trade objects, and the price is relatively cheap.

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Hostwinds foreign hosts use pure SSD hard disks, which are very stable, and host programs are numerous.

Seventh Namecheap

Namecheap merchants mainly use domain names, which should be useful to many friends. At the same time, businesses also provide virtual hosts. Namecheap merchants have three data centers, namely, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. At present, the virtual host is still active. Stellar's basic plan is to start with a monthly payment equivalent to 10 yuan. If you choose the UK and Netherlands machine rooms, you need+1 dollar per month. Here is another activity. If we choose Stellar Plus or Stellar Business annual payment scheme, we can get one for free COM domain name.

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VIII Hostinger

Hostinger was founded in 2004. It is a well-known host company. Many of us may know that they used to send free hosts at home. They provide unlimited PHP MySQL and free American space, but the free hosting scheme has long since ceased to exist. Today, Hostinger has provided website hosting solutions for more than 29 million users in 178 countries, and its reputation in the industry is mixed. Hostinger's official website divides its host types into many categories, such as free hosts, e-commerce hosts CMS hosts, virtual machines, etc, VPS host and virtual machine are shown below.


Here, we can see that the above businesses provide American PHP virtual hosts, which are all cPanel panel management and suitable for foreign trade station construction.

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