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Troubleshooting process to solve the problem that tomcat started successfully but could not be accessed

Here, we use the Tomcat engine in the WEB environment of a server. We make sure that the engine is available at startup, but it is still inaccessible. What is the problem? Simply sort out my options for troubleshooting.

1. Port conflict

The port used by Tomcat is not occupied by other applications. By default, the HTTP port used by Tomcat is 8080. You can try to modify the port number in Tomcat's configuration file (such as server. xml), and then restart Tomcat.

2. Firewall or network configuration problems

Check the firewall settings to ensure that access is allowed through the port used by Tomcat. If you are in an intranet environment, you also need to ensure that the network configuration is correct so that you can access the computer where Tomcat is located from other computers.

3. Application deployment issues

Deploy your own Web application to Tomcat, and ensure that the application has been correctly deployed and placed in the correct location. You can check the Tomcat log file (such as catalina. out) for more information about whether the deployment was successful.

4. Context path configuration error

If you have deployed multiple applications in Tomcat and an application cannot be accessed, it may be caused by incorrect configuration of the context path. Please ensure that the context path of each application is unique and correctly configured. You can check the context.xml file or configure it in the Tomcat management interface.

5. Tomcat configuration problem

Check whether the Tomcat configuration file is correct, especially the server.xml and web.xml files. Ensure that there are no errors or omissions in the configuration, and that the basic settings of Tomcat (such as ports, connectors, etc.) match your needs.

Through these checks, it is finally found that the server vendor must force the port security group to open. Here, we can release the port security group. This student originally placed all the ports, but failed to release the tomcat port after starting the security group.

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