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Nginx Reload Effective Reload Command Method

At present, LNMP (Nginx) is our common WEB server engine environment. After we configure the system environment, such as SSL certificates and other CONF files, we need to restart Nginx before the files can become effective, so we need to restart and load the Nginx effective files through Reload. The specific methods are different according to different commands and panels.

 Nginx Reload Effective Reload Command Method

First, restart Nginx on the pagoda panel

If our server uses the pagoda panel, you can log in to the pagoda panel background to find the Nginx application software restart and click the button to take effect. Or you can use the command line of the pagoda panel.

 /etc/init.d/nginx restart

This command has the same effect as restarting NGINX on the pagoda panel.

Second, one key LNMP installation package

If we use the Nginx one click installation package, we can use this command.

 service nginx reload


 systemctl reload nginx

Restart NGINX, depending on the actual one click installation package.

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