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LocVPS ECS summary Hong Kong/Japan/Singapore/US ECS 25% off

We are familiar with LocVPS vendors. The boss also owns several cloud server brands, as well as independent servers and station cluster servers. And similar to the adjustment of many domestic host companies, some originally targeted global computer room servers, but now focus on Asian CN2 optimization lines such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, including some lines on the west coast of the United States.

Lao Zuo is going to use this article to integrate and summarize the main products and configurations of LocVPS host manufacturers, including our suggestions on selection. At present, the merchants mainly provide multiple computer rooms in Hong Kong, China, as well as Asian computer rooms in Japan, Singapore and other countries. We suggest that you can use them for some projects. However, it should be noted that we should not use it illegally, because the merchants are relatively strict.

First, Xen and KVM architecture selection

We can see LOCVPS The host vendors have different architectures of XEN and KVM, and the configurations and prices between them are somewhat different. However, the computer rooms are similar but different in architecture. In fact, they are all optional. However, today's mainstream trend we see is the use of KVM architecture. As the same business, the same machine room, and different architectures, we can only choose KVM architecture.

 Xen and KVM architecture selection

At the same time, some machine rooms are only available in XEN, but not in KVM, so these are different. In fact, there is little difference in product performance.

Second, how to select ECS

We can see from the official website that there seems to be some problems with the menu settings on the official website. In the main menu, we can only see the ECS of XEN architecture, while in the background, we can see the servers of KVM architecture. So Lao Zuo suggested that we register an account directly( Register a LOCVPS account )Then, select all kinds of products in the background.

1. XEN server selection

 LocVPS ECS summary Hong Kong/Japan/Singapore/US ECS 25% off

We can see that there are more than ten data centers configured with XEN architecture, and we can see more than one server room in Hong Kong, so it is suitable for our multi demand server room business.

2. KVM server selection

 LocVPS ECS summary Hong Kong/Japan/Singapore/US ECS 30% off - sheet 3

We can see that the KVM architecture configuration and price are different. Personally, I suggest that if the price is similar and the configuration is KVM, then KVM architecture is preferred.

3. How to select a computer room

We can see that each computer room has an official test IP address, and we can test the ping speed and download file speed. Then select the machine room according to the actual situation. For example, our commonly used computer rooms, including the Hong Kong computer room, are OK. For example, Kuiwan computer room was tested by Lao Zuo a few days ago( LOCVPS launches Hong Kong Kuiwan KVM VPS host and performance speed evaluation process )。

Lao Zuo personally suggested that Hong Kong machine rooms should be preferred, followed by Japan and Singapore. If it is a foreign trade business, it must be Los Angeles and other overseas machine rooms.

Third, regular configuration and discount code

Here Lao Zuo randomly arranges several host configurations of LOCVPS and shares their available discount codes.

  • HKKW-Plan1-B
  • CPU: 2 core
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard disk: 20+20GB
  • Flow: 150GB
  • Bandwidth: 5Mbps
  • Architecture: KVM
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • System: Linux
  • Price: 65 yuan/month (purchase)
  • HKKW-Plan2-B
  • CPU: 2 core
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard disk: 20+20GB
  • Traffic: 200GB
  • Bandwidth: 10Mbps
  • Architecture: KVM
  • Number of IPs: 1 independent IP
  • System: Linux/Windows
  • Price: 75 yuan/month (purchase)

At present, some computer rooms of LOCVPS have KVM and XEN architectures. If they are similar, let's look at the configuration and price. And you can use the long-term discount code: LAOZUO, enjoy 25% discount, the above is the original price. Of course, different configurations have different prices. The above is just a simple example.

Fourth, test IP address of each machine room

If we need to test the speed of each computer room, we can test the speed of each computer room through the official test IP below. Then make a choice.

Kwai Wan, Hong Kong:

Tai Po, Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Confederation:

Hong Kong Yundi:

Shatin, Hong Kong:

Tokyo, Japan:


There are other computer rooms. We can go to the official website( Registered official account )See, Lao Zuo will not introduce them one by one here. If we choose this machine, we can do websites and projects. The brand is still relatively old.

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