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Which is a good Hong Kong virtual host? Recommend several Hong Kong virtual hosts worth choosing

Why should we choose Hong Kong virtual host Of course, considering the speed advantage of the Hong Kong virtual host, it is basically not different from the speed of our mainland computer room. Of course, it depends on the line. Some businesses have Hong Kong computer rooms, but they are not CN2 or CN2 GIA optimized lines. We chose to come back and found that the speed is not very fast, or even less stable than the American host. We need to be clear about what the Hong Kong virtual host is used for. If it is not our mainland business, it does not necessarily need CN2 lines.

 Which is a good Hong Kong virtual host? Recommend several Hong Kong virtual hosts worth choosing

The Hong Kong virtual host mentioned here is not a Hong Kong ECS or server. Generally, we choose the Hong Kong virtual host to build websites. For example, we choose the virtual host of the cPanel panel of the Linux system to build WordPress or PHP program websites. If the virtual host of Windows system is selected, it is generally used for ASP or ASP NET program.

Considerations for selecting Hong Kong virtual host

We will consider several issues when we choose Hong Kong virtual host space, so as to ensure the stability of our host and the stability of the project. For price, I don't think it is important to consider stability and speed.

1. Merchant brand

Businesses are very important, and Lao Zuo often meets some small service providers. It seems to be a Hong Kong ECS or a Hong Kong host, but there are still some problems with speed and stability. When operating and updating websites in the background, there is always a problem. So when we choose a business, we should try to choose a slightly stable and long-term business.

2. Line problems

As Lao Zuo mentioned above, the problem of the line is relatively serious. Some service providers say that it is a Hong Kong host, but the speed is not direct, even inferior to the American host. We must see if it is a direct line. We have seen that some service providers' hosts in Singapore and Malaysia are not directly connected and are not suitable for Chinese website business.

3. Independent IP problem

Lao Zuo's personal suggestion is that if our website only displays content, there is no problem in sharing IP. If our website may hope to have greater commercial value, it is recommended to choose independent IP in one step. After all, independent IP does add points sometimes in my concept.

Recommended Hong Kong Virtual Host Scheme

Here are some Hong Kong virtual hosts that I think are good. I didn't sort out ten or eight like some friends, but it was difficult to choose, just a few that I thought were suitable and in use.

1. Candy host

Candy host is a virtual host that I have been using personally. Their Hong Kong virtual host has been in use for some years. In addition, the PRO scheme also gives free independent IP addresses.

programme disk Number of websites Independent IP Monthly flow Annual payment three years
Baby 10GB 2 nothing 200GB 383 yuan 971 yuan
Pro Unlimited 20 1 1000GB 503 yuan 1187 yuan
Business Unlimited 35 1 2000GB 979 yuan 2357 yuan

 Candy host

It is recommended to choose PRO scheme, number of stations to be built, traffic, and free independent IP address. After selection, we can apply for independent IP through work order.

2. Weixiang host

ZJI service provider is a domestic host company, which used to be Weixiang host and later changed its brand. Its company also has several other host brands, among which ZJI service providers provide Hong Kong virtual hosts.

programme disk flow Independent IP CPU Monthly payment Annual payment
save worry 10GB 150GB independent 10%CPU 60 yuan 365 yuan
Be reassured 15GB 300GB independent 15%CPU 70 yuan 600 yuan
honorable 20GB 500GB independent 20%CPU 100 yuan 950 yuan

Hong Kong CN2 PHP virtual host, based on DirectAdmin control panel, Chinese graphical management, suitable for small personal/business enterprise sites.

3. AliCloud virtual host

At present, many of us know that there are lightweight servers ECS servers, but in fact, there are virtual hosts that they have reserved before. Now it is renamed as more cloud virtual hosts and supports independent IP addresses, Both Linux and Windows systems are available.

 Which is a good Hong Kong virtual host? Recommended Hong Kong Virtual Hosts - Page 3

Alibaba Cloud virtual machine hosts are available in Hong Kong. When selecting, pay attention to the system selection, which is distinguished between PHP and ASP.

In this way, the above three Hong Kong virtual hosting spaces can be viewed if there is a need for Hong Kong virtual hosting.

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