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Common uses and cases of the kill command

When we operate and maintain the server, if we need to terminate a process, we will use the kill command, but we cannot misuse it to cause server failure. Record the common usage of the kill command in this article.

Basic usage:

 kill [signal] PID

Common usage:

 1 (SIGHUP): Terminates the process, which is often used to reload the configuration file. 9 (SIGKILL): Force the process to terminate. 15 (SIGTERM): Requests the process to terminate, allowing the process to clean up resources.

Common cases:

Terminate a process:

 kill 12345

Use SIGKILL signal to forcibly terminate the process:

 kill -9 12345

Terminate process by process name:

 pkill firefox

To use kill To terminate or terminate a process, you need to find the process ID number (PID) first. To do this, you can use different commands, such as top ps pidof and pgrep

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