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Which version of CentOS is stable? CentOS7 vs. CentOS8 Selection Comparison

For most of our domestic server applications, CentOS uses more server image versions. However, there are some difficulties in selecting multiple versions of the panel, such as how to select CentOS 7 and CentOS 8, and there are many small versions of each version. Here we will tell you my choice.

Stability of CentOS 7:

*After a long period of support and maintenance, CentOS 7 has gradually matured and stabilized.
*This version has been widely used and tested, so its stability and compatibility have been verified.
*For enterprise applications that need long-term stable operation, CentOS 7's long-term support and maintenance make it an ideal choice.

Stability of CentOS 8:

*CentOS 8 has adopted new core components and tools, which may bring some additional risks. However, it is also a more modern version with more new functions.
*CentOS 8 has made some improvements in storage, network and security, but in some specific scenarios, these new features may cause stability problems.
*CentOS 8 may be a better choice for users who need to support new hardware and technologies, or to find systems that contain the latest Linux features.

To sum up, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 have their own advantages in terms of stability. If you need a mature, stable and compatible system, CentOS 7 may be a better choice. If you need to support new hardware and technology, or want to use a system that contains the latest Linux features, CentOS 8 may be more suitable for your needs.

However, CentOS 8 has stopped updating. On December 8, 2020, CentOS officially announced the end of its support for CentOS 8 and turned it into CentOS Stream, which means that CentOS 8 will no longer receive official updates and patches. On the contrary, CentOS Stream will become the first version of CentOS Linux distribution, and it will receive more attention and contributions in the development process of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

At present, if we want to choose, I suggest to choose the latest version of CentOS 7, depending on the version number provided by the service provider. Or we can choose Debian or Ubuntu version, but CentOS 8 is not.

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