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Linux VPS host RPM fast installation BT pagoda panel installation experience process

A few days ago, when Lao Zuo wrote about the upgrade of VestaCP panel PHP7.0, he also felt that the number of domestic and foreign panels could be found in dozens or twenty, but not many have been maintained and updated. Even in those days, countless users disappeared in the user's view. Of course, there are many factors here, such as the profit model of free panels, and personal time, energy and interest are related.

For the domestic Linux VPS panel, there was also a vacuum period at the beginning. Especially after the AMH4.2 version started charging later, although there were many charging users, it is certain that the growth rate of new users must basically stagnate there. Later, more than two years later, WDCP was upgraded. At present, it can be said that there are more users of WDCP panel.

About half a year ago, Lao Zuo also came into contact with the pagoda BT management panel, which seems to have been discussed a lot these days and supports Linux and Windows systems. He saw several messages about this panel these days. He was not clear whether it was released by the official or the real user himself, and how excellent this panel is. Of course, Lao Zuo has also been paying attention to this free panel (the official said that it is always free). The official update frequency is relatively high. It is basically updated once a week. Last year, Lao Zuo was also in the“ BT pagoda Linux server management assistant erection free VPS panel installation and initial setting application "I have tried to use it, but the interface and experience are still good, except that the installation process is relatively long, which takes more than an hour.

At present, the government has also released an RPM version for fast installation. At the public beta stage, Centos 6. x/7. x is supported. So in this article, Lao Zuo is also going to experience this RPM version to see how fast the installation is going and what improvements they have made in terms of functions.

First, experience Pagoda panel RPM extremely fast installation

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

Second, basic configuration information

 Experience the rapid installation of pagoda panel RPM

Here we can choose MYSQL, PHP, NGINX, Apache and other versions to support according to the actual situation. The feature of this panel is that it can also be used in multiple PHP versions. Different PHP versions can be used between different sites. This function is better because some programs only support lower versions of PHP.

Then we waited for the installation to see how long it would take. I waited and waited.

Third Pagoda panel Installation completed

 Installation of pagoda panel completed

It takes 3 minutes, and the speed is fairly good, much faster than the previous hour. Then we can set the panel according to the installation prompt.

Fourth, the basic initialization settings of the pagoda panel

 Basic initialization settings of pagoda panel

V. Summary of RPM Rapid Installation of Pagoda Panel

 Summary of RPM Rapid Installation of Pagoda Panel

1. From the perspective of installation time, it is much faster than the original installation speed. From the perspective of the background interface, it still keeps the original simple style.

2. From the perspective of support functions, many functions have been added to the original early experience. The official is still increasing and improving according to user feedback and needs. As a user, if we are sure to use the panel, we can try it slowly, because the official upgrade is still going on, but the user also mentioned that the use experience is OK. It depends on our own feelings. If you think it is good, it will be good.

3. For merchants. On the one hand, it must be popular to keep it free, and on the other hand, the function and complexity should not increase with the later upgrade. After all, it is better to keep it simple for beginner users and basic needs, while others can be increased in the installation of extensions.

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