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New registered Vultr account uses Vultr discount code to reward $20 balance and use tips

Vultr Even though the VPS host product has not been established for so long, it is not easy to get any of the users in such a short time based on the background of strong technology and server strength. Lao Zuo personally believes that the current overseas and domestic VPS have a relatively high cost performance (low price), which is precisely because the emergence of these businesses has led some (such as Linode) high ranking businesses to constantly adjust their plans, configurations and prices.

I think I like it Vultr The reason for VPS is that its price is relatively low. The 768MB, SSD hard disk, KVM architecture scheme starts with a monthly payment of $5, and it has 14 optional data centers in Japan, the United States, Europe, etc. From the perspective of personal contact, most users prefer Vultr to customize IOS mounts. For example, it is expensive for us to purchase Windows VPS, so we can use“ Vultr VPS Mounting ISO Installation of Windows 2003 System "Build the Windows environment.

Another reason is that the newly registered Vultr will give a $5 balance bonus (free for one month) without special discount. Most of the time, we can also use the short-term Vultr discount code to directly reward the balance for consumption. For example, we often see that the newly registered Vultr will give a $20 offset balance, which can be consumed within one month. We can set up multiple machines, or set up large plans.

Merchant summer activities: The new Vultr account does not need a discount code to give $20 free of validity restrictions( Click the direct channel only for new registered accounts

Note: If you use Paypal to pay the minimum recharge of $5 to verify the account balance, you need to deduct $2.5 from the credit card binding as the verification fee.

First, newly registered Vultr account

VULTR official website:

Click the Vultr official website link to enter the official website.

 VULTR new registered account

Enter our new email address and set the password of the account to register the account directly.

 VULTR discount code

We enter in the position shown by the arrow above SSDVPS For coupons, click APPLY and you will see a $20 reward on the above interface. On the left side, we can choose to bind the credit card verification account, or select Paypal to recharge the minimum $5 to verify the account.

Finally, after the binding or payment is completed, we check whether the account needs to be activated in the mailbox. Sometimes it is not necessary. It is better to log in the account to improve personal information. In this way, we have a free balance of $20 in our account, which can be used to purchase any VPS scheme. Is it cost-effective.

II. Precautions for using Vultr account

A - If we need to open Vultr scheme

 Opening VPS of the vultr panel

The Deploy menu option in the background is to open VPS. We can open VPS by selecting the machine room, system, and memory scheme. There are 14 data centers. If the Chinese site is available, it is recommended to choose Tokyo or Los Angeles computer room in Japan for better speed.

Second, manage the opened Vultr VPS host

 Manage the opened Vultr VPS host

Here we can see Lao Zuo's current VPS machine. If detailed management is required, click the Manage link below.

 Use of various parameters of the vultr panel

The current VPS host scheme of VULTR is managed in this way. Generally, we need to restart the VPS, reinstall the system, reset the ROOT password, or upgrade the scheme. It has been marked in the upper left figure, and we basically use it.

B - About the number of VPS programs

In general, each account is limited to five machines. Some friends reflect why they can only open one account. I personally tested that if there is speculation in our account and more machines are opened, the number of VPS machines will be limited if the association is detected, and our account information is not complete, which will also lead to the number of VPS machines we open.

C - Questions about opening multiple accounts

Normally, we can only open one VULTR account per person, but the reward amount for new accounts is really attractive, so we will try to open more machines, which can save costs. However, we need different account information and different payment methods, which can be operated in this way. Do not confuse the account and payment information. If it is detected, there is even a risk of the account being suspended.

In conclusion, I think the price performance of the VULTR VPS solution is good. For example, if we need to build a website, its price and stability are OK. For friends who need the project, for example, in recent days, many ISO have met to create a WIN environment. VULTR allows custom ISO, so this will not be restricted like some businesses.

VULTR official website: (Use the OWNCLOUD discount code to reward $20)

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