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Vultr merchant New Year's activity, newly registered Vultr account, $100 free, valid for 30 days

In recent days, many of our netizens have been busy with the Spring Festival holiday, which should start from this week. Lao Zuo is no exception. The company will also arrange the Spring Festival holiday after two days of busy work. Just looking through his mobile phone, I saw that some netizens mentioned that Vultr merchants have launched New Year's promotional activities, and the newly registered Vultr account will be given $100 as a gift, valid for 30 days, Last year, the event was free of $50 and valid for 30 days, which seems to be more cost-effective than last year. If we are ready to choose Vultr merchant server, we can register a new account to enjoy the event.

The characteristics of VULTR merchants Lao Zuo would like to reiterate here that his family currently has 16 data centers, including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, but the speed is not directly connected, so if we need to optimize the speed of the line, we may be disappointed, but for users with foreign trade needs, there are really few vendors with so many machine rooms in the world. Moreover, the feature of VULTR merchants is that they can delete the opened machines and re open them at any time, so that they can change new IP addresses.

It should be noted here that due to the use of a large number of users, the VULTR merchant IP address may not work after it is opened. If we find that the IP address does not work, we need to delete the opening again until it is opened to the usable IP address. In this article, Lao Zuo mainly shares and tests whether the discount of $100 for new registered accounts launched by VULTR merchants during the 2020 Spring Festival is effective, and whether we have encountered and solved problems encountered in the process.

First, VULTR will give you a discount of $100 in the New Year

Activity address:

We can go directly to the official website through the above VULTR promotional link, and then we can see the actual promotional activities only when we normally register a new VULTR account.

Second, problems occurred in the newly registered VULTR account

Here we will encounter some problems when we newly register the VULTR account. For example, when we see the correct account and password entered, why is it still wrong? Here Lao Zuo (LAOZUO.ORG) will register an account with you.

 There is a problem registering a VULTR account

Here, after logging in to the home page, we can see that you only need to enter your email address and password to create an Account. The password requires more than 10 characters and combination of uppercase and lowercase letter symbols and numbers. After the account is created, we need to jump to the creation interface.

Here we will create it again. The password should be consistent, and the verification code should be entered. Laozuo estimates that the official means that we cannot register automatically through the machine, so we can improve the manual registration. Then we log in to the account.

 Vultr merchant New Year's activity, newly registered Vultr account, $100 free, valid for 30 days

Here is the key, we can see the current VULTR Activity It is effective. Currently, there is a free gift of $100, which is valid for 30 days. At the same time, we need to recharge $10 to the account for activation, or use a credit card for binding verification. However, it does not support WeChat. It can support Alipay, credit card and PAYPAL.

Finally, it should be noted that if we need to register accounts, we should try our best to avoid repeated registration of multiple accounts. If you pull the wool, it may lead to the connection of accounts, and then lead to the closure of all accounts. Of course, if you have a way, it is your ability. At the same time, we need to note that the complimentary amount has a period of validity and will expire after the expiration. Of course, if the balance of our recharge account can be used without a period of validity.

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