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Vultr Summer Promotion New Account Gives $20 with Vultr's current available promotions

Vultr merchants have also had several years, and there are still many impressive highlights. For example, all of them adopt KVM architecture and SSD solid state disk. It is appropriate for a service provider with background to start with a monthly fee of $5; With 14 computer rooms, users who need various computer room projects can save time to find various businesses. Although the speed of Japanese computer rooms among Chinese telecom users is not very ideal at present (it has already circled the United States), we still look forward to the launch of the second Asian line at the beginning of the year, which will be discussed and consulted by users.

Vultr VPS host users can customize Windows systems( Tutorial methods )It is convenient for users who need to work in the WIN environment project. Of course, we can't ignore the reason why many of our users are attracted. For example, the common $20-50 account balance is always valid, but there is a limitation period.

At the weekend, I saw that Vultr merchants, which were spread by many netizens, launched a summer promotion activity. Similarly, the account balance of $20 can be obtained by registering an account, which should not be limited by the validity period (Lao Zuo simply detected that there was no time limit, because there is no credit card in his hand at present, which is not good for the whole process test).

First, Vultr Summer Promotion

1. Active channel


 Vultr Summer Promotion

Just like the normal account we have previously registered, register a new account on the official website.

2. Check whether the activity is valid

 Check whether the activity is valid

It can be detected that the current activity is still valid. As we are familiar with, if you bind a credit card or PAYPAL, you need to recharge at least $5 to activate your account. (We can't see that there is a valid period for a free 20 dollars.)

Second, a reward of $20-50 for Vultr's new registration

Official website:

This activity has been valid before and at present, but it has a validity period.

1. $20 discount code

A - SSDVPS - Valid for 30 days

B - NGINX20 - Valid for 1 year

2. 50 USD discount - valid for 60 days

$50 special page:

Here you can refer to“ New registered users of Vultr will be rewarded with $50. Methods and precautions for obtaining experience balance "The only difference is that you can only bind credit cards here.

Third, up to $100 for new registration and recharge

Activity address:

This activity is available during the Dragon Boat Festival. At present, it is still effective to see the topic on the page. A new registered account can be charged up to $100, and you can get $100 free.

To sum up, only one of the above three activity classifications should be selected, and they cannot be used repeatedly. Japan may not be very satisfied with Vultr vendors' computer rooms at present, but from the perspective of actual use projects, we may have various high requirements for the speed of any VPS vendor at any time, which cannot meet 100% of users. However, from the perspective of some users contacted by Lao Zuo, there are many actual users.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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