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Vultr new user registration is free of charge of $50, valid for 6 months, with 15 computer room selection suggestions

Vultr What attracts us is not the speed, because we all know that the number of users is constantly increasing due to the large number of new registration gift activities and the low price, but the performance will also have an impact. Existing registered users like Lao Zuo often see Vultr The merchants offer free gifts only for new users, and they are really jealous. I used to test and register with the globalcash MasterCard, but recently found that the globalcash virtual credit card is no longer supported.

We previously registered a Vultr account with the highest balance of $50, but the validity period is 60 days. What we want to share here should not be news. Last week, we saw many people release and use it. The original advantage is that you can use Paypal and credit card at the same time, and the balance of $50 is valid for six months. Today, I saw a netizen mention that Paypal support has been cancelled, and you can only use credit card.

Because many of us know (there are still people who sell free accounts on the Internet), especially those who also support PAYPAL accounts in such a large amount, we can obtain them through various means. For example, even if we do not support MasterCard virtual cards, we can bind PAYPAL authentication, and then pay through PAYPAL, because we are superior to anyone in the field of speculation. Of course, this time Vultr will cancel the original supported PAYPAL recharge method to obtain balance.

First, Vultr merchants can get 50 dollars for six months

Vultr official website:

Similarly, this activity can only be used for newly registered accounts. It is not recommended that existing accounts be registered multiple times. Even though we may use different account information and different new payment methods, if we log in with the same machine and network, there is also associated risk, It seems that some netizens mentioned the case that they had registered new accounts for many times and were sealed.

 Vultr merchants get $50 for six months

Required DOMORE The discount code is activated, and the above figure can be seen. The validity period is 6 months. Although we can see the PAYPAL option (only dual currency credit cards are supported), we found that“ PayPal may not be used with this promo. "It seems that many account swipers are afraid of Vultr. Extraneous remarks: Vultr is quite powerful. Ordinary small businesses can't afford to be swiped by Chinese people in a few days.

If we don't have a credit card, please refer to here( Vultr VPS topic - Vultr discount code, route selection, project application skills ), you can choose to use the PAYPAL registered account to recharge the minimum balance of $5, there is a $20 account balance, and Alipay payment is not supported. Personally, it's better not to ask someone to buy on behalf of you, because the merchant must pay for the uniqueness of the account. If the account of the buyer pays for many times, your account may also be closed. Unless a friend doesn't buy it, pay it for you.

Second, the choice and expectation of Vultr merchants' 15 computer rooms

Some time ago, we finally expected the second Asian computer room of Vultr to be launched in Singapore, but as expected, it was still not directly connected to Japan. So far, Vultr has 15 machine rooms. As a new business, it has certain strength to have so many machine rooms in these years. In terms of speed, the performance is not as good as before. Not to mention Japan and Singapore, even the stability of machines on the west coast of the United States such as Los Angeles is not as good as before.

Therefore, if we want to be fast and stable on Vultr, we may be disappointed. But if we only look at the background of the same configuration, multiple machine rooms, and businesses, Lao Zuo often wants to compare with similar DOs, and the speed is still much better than DOs. Especially if there are mobile broadband users, the speed in Japan and Singapore is still good.

From some users contacted by Lao Zuo, Vultr merchants like their free balance, which can save money and free use for a period of time. The most users are those who need to install Windows (Vultr supports custom installation of Win). Some are engaged in foreign exchange projects, and some are used for order business on overseas e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, You need to use multiple IP addresses and multiple machine rooms. In particular, you can delete and restart new machines after they are used up, which can save money to some extent.

#Finally, 15 machine room test IP addresses are attached

Los Angeles:
Silicon Valley, California:
New Jersey:

PS: Sometimes our machines have different node IPs, the same machine room, and sometimes the speed is slightly different.

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