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People and things about VPS host evaluation website

Lao Zuo has not shared any gossip in his blog for a long time. Recently, due to the problem of Shatian machines in Hong Kong, the business of some businesses may be affected, resulting in many users' machines being affected to varying degrees. So many netizens went to blogs, QQ groups, and add my Q contact information to question some businesses. Some even leave sharp messages. In short, it may be because of us VPS evaluation The information released by the blog has led them to be cheated. In view of this, Lao Zuo will talk about some things about our blog, VPS and host evaluation websites.

 People and things about VPS host evaluation website

First, about the origin of such blogs

Like most similar blogs and websites, our initial purpose is to share, sort out and record our own VPS learning, host applications, and content around the website, mainly to record some of our own content. That's all. Like many other so-called well-known blogs, the gathering of popularity is based on the sharing of content. As long as any blog or website accumulates to a certain extent, after all, there is so much content, it is bound to have a certain popularity. Like most blogs, we never flaunt authority, professionalism and impartiality. What we can do is only to see the domestic and foreign applications we have seen, and to have used, tested and contacted the application records of host merchants.

II. Referentiability of content

No article or merchant recommendation, whether it is a personal blog or a commercial website, can ensure permanent justice and fairness, because most of the time, these merchants and information have a lot of timeliness. For example, when writing preferential information and evaluation data of some merchants, it can only represent the preferential information and evaluation data provided when writing this article, And data information can only represent the environment of the writer at that time. Maybe because of various unpredictable or controllable factors, the information is wrong with the original information, such as the expiration of the discount, the instability of the machine, and even the problem of the business running away, which is unpredictable.

Third, suggestions on the selection of merchants

Both domestic businesses and well-known foreign Daniel enterprises are unpredictable. For example, we have also experienced the run of BURSTNET businesses, and there are more than $1000 commissions in Laozuo's account that have not yet been paid. In the same way, we often see information in forums and QQ groups that a certain business is being discussed and running away. For our users, the choice of business and host must be based on cost performance. It is not our fault to choose cheap, but on cost saving. However, when choosing merchants and schemes, we suggest that when the expected price is too low, or when referring to new and old merchants, unfamiliar merchants can consider monthly payment or short-term testing.

For those websites that need stable operation and maintenance, it is recommended to choose the so-called You get what you pay for Standards. On the other hand, if we are merchants and the profit of the goods we sell is too small, will we provide sufficient services and cost-effective? Surely not. If we buy cheap goods, we should be satisfied as long as we can meet our own service standards, and we should not be too demanding.

The evaluation and information we see from any business can only be a small reference, and the main thing is that we test ourselves. The so-called so and so businesses are not good or stable. These problems are basically unsolvable.

Fourth, what should we do

As for our users, including Lao Zuo, we have encountered many businesses that are unstable or cheated. Even if we buy a Gao Fu Shuai machine, there may be some risks. We have to find a suitable business in our own constant attempts. Just like many people like to look for free and cheap machines, they will find that the time wasted is more than the money saved as time goes on. It is better to buy a slightly better machine, which may not be understood at first, but will be understood later.

To sum up, for blogs and websites like ours, at best it is just a personal note recording their own learning and sorting contents, most of which are collated by themselves during learning. Most of these websites are personal. Even if there is a so-called fair platform in the future, you can only have a look at it. Don't use it as the only reference.

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