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Readjust Vultr's new registered user to give a bonus of $100, valid for 14 days

Last month, Lao Zuo sorted out the balance giving activity for new users of Vultr that lasted for one or two years. The activity ended at the end of last month. Today, Lao Zuo saw a new promotion activity, which is also a $100 gift for new registered users. However, this time, the validity period is only 14 days (two weeks), and the previous discount we saw is 30 days.

You must go directly to the official website through this link, and then register to get a reward. We need to pay attention to a few issues before registering.

1. A new user must be registered

Only new registered users can enjoy it. Our IP address and payment method should be new.

2. Do not register multiple accounts

If we register multiple users and multiple accounts, it may lead to association, and if found, it is easy to lead to fraudulent orders and all accounts being sealed without refund.

If there is no problem, we will start to register.

When we log on to the official website of VULTR, we can see the figure above for the first time. It is mainly an official way to prevent automatic registration of machines from cheating, and then we need to manually select identification and verification.

Here we need to enter the email and password. Then create an account. We need to note that passwords need to be more complex, with a combination of uppercase and lowercase+digits+characters.

We will see the above figure when we enter the email and password to create an account. We need to re-enter the above password. The verification code is also required.

Here we can see the expiration date is 14 days. But we need to recharge $10 to activate. The $10 recharged from the account has no validity period and will be in our account. You can pay with Alipay.

In conclusion, if we cannot use up the balance of the gift within 14 days, it will also become invalid. But our recharged balance will not expire.

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