Weibo topic wall

The microblog topic wall can be deployed in any page that supports HTML, displaying topic related microblogs, official accounts and hot posts, and supporting the top of a microblog. There are two versions: basic version and PK version:

1. The basic version supports the configuration of multiple topics, supports the topic creator (the owner of the bound AppKey) to manage the content of the topic wall, and filters unnecessary information;
2. The PK version shows two views under one topic, and counts the number of support from both sides in real time.

 Sketch map of Weibo follow button

Benefits of using microblog topic wall

  1. 1. Basic version and PK version are provided, which can be set according to different topics and scenarios;
  2. 2. Publish microblog with source links to significantly improve the return rate;
  3. 3. Support group display of microblogs related to topics (all, authenticated users, and my concerns), and the discussion is clear at a glance;
  4. 4. Display the official microblog account to bring more exposure and more fans;
  5. 5. Support top microblog, with important news at the top and more powerful communication effect;
  6. 6. Display the weekly forwarding list to visually show the popularity of topics;
  7. 7. The PK version has real-time display of both sides' views and support data, which ignites topic discussion.

How to use microblog topic wall?

Configure the style of microblog topic wall, and embed the obtained corresponding code into the position where the microblog topic wall needs to be placed.

Step 1 Select the topic wall version

Step 2 Configure Styles


topic of conversation:
15 characters at most
Red side:
Up to 30 characters
Blue side:
Up to 30 characters
Number of columns:

Associated account:
Show social relationships at the same time
Message flow:

Top Weibo:
Click the microblog release time to get
Source settings:
Blog with source page link
Page address:
Unique identifier of topic group
Preview Effect

Step 3 Configure AppKey

Configure the Appkey to display the source information. You can use the Create Web Site and Create app Get AppKey.

please Sign in Then select appkey

Step 4 Copy Code

After completing the above configuration, directly copy the following code and paste it to the location where you need to place the microblog topic wall on your website.

1. Add XML namespace in HTML tag
2. Insert WB in HEAD JS
3. Paste the WBML code where the microblog topic wall needs to be deployed, View more parameters