Data Center Introduction
Based on the microblog business data interface, it provides the effect analysis data of microblog account in microblog marketing. It includes fan analysis, microblog/comment content analysis, fan interaction analysis, and account analysis of related industries.

Fans analysis

Detailed analysis is provided for Weibo account fans, such as fan change trend analysis, fan gender/region/age segmentation, and analysis of cancelling followers.

content analysis

It provides analysis of the number of forwarding, comments, likes, reads, and clicks of the microblog content published by the microblog account.

Interactive analysis

It provides analysis of Weibo account fans and their interaction effects, such as PV/UV analysis of the account home page, average access time analysis of the account home page, and active/interactive fan analysis of the account.

Industry trend analysis

Monitor the performance and dynamics of relevant accounts in various industries, analyze and compare the fan pattern and micro blog interaction and other indicators.

Document description
Development case
  • Huawei technology

    Huawei is the world's leading telecommunications solution provider, providing hardware, software, solutions and services to communication operators and network owners around the world.

  • Acer Group

    Acer is the second largest laptop brand in the world, mainly engaged in the R&D, design, marketing and service of its own brand notebook computers, tablet computers, digital homes and other products.


    IQIYI Video is a leader in China's video industry. It provides users with rich, high-definition, and smooth professional video experience, and is committed to making people get more and better videos equally and conveniently.