Weibo like button

Use the Weibo Like button to place the generated code in your blog, website or other locations that support HTML, so that your users can easily express their attitudes. When a user clicks the like button on a page of your site, a dynamic message containing the content of the page will be synchronized and displayed on Weibo.

 Schematic diagram of Weibo like button

What are the benefits of using the like button on Weibo?

1. Express your attitude easily anytime, anywhere
-----Users browse the web page and find the content they like. They can express their feelings with a simple click of the "like" button, which is convenient and fast
2. Find friends
-----The "like" button will also display the users who have expressed their attitudes. If your Weibo friends have also "liked", you will see her/him
3. Content synchronous sharing
-----After clicking the button, the user will synchronize a dynamic message containing the content of the object to Weibo and continue to spread it through Weibo

How to use the like button on Weibo?

Configure the button function, copy the code to the corresponding location in your website according to the instructions, and then start using.

Step 1 Configure the "Like" button shape




You can click the button below to use the effect Preview effect:

Step 2 Configuration Type

Select the object type of "like" according to the page type, and fill in your page information according to the generated code. Why choose a type?


Copy and improve the following content and put it into your website<head>, View the complete parameter description

Step 3 Configure AppKey

After configuring the APPKey, you can manage the contents of the Like component settings page. You can use the Create Web Site and Create app Get AppKey.


Step 4 Copy Code

After completing the above configuration, follow the steps below to deploy the code to your website.

1. Add XML namespace in HTML tag
2. Import WB on the page JS, It is recommended to reference this JS in the page<head>area
3. Paste the WBML code where the like button needs to be deployed