Introduction to Weibo Login

Weibo login includes identity authentication, user relations and content dissemination. Allow users to log in and visit third-party websites, share content and synchronize information with their microblog accounts. It has the following characteristics:
Log in to your website directly with your microblog account
Get high-quality active users of Weibo
More convenient sharing to Weibo, improving the information dissemination of the website

Weibo login

The user clicks the "Log in with microblog account" button on your website, and the Oauth authorization page pops up

Users can log in by entering their microblog account and password, and then return to the page you specified

After successful login, you can choose to bind with your website account or directly use your microblog account to achieve the same functions.

Technical implementation

How to make your website support Weibo login

Use SDK to accelerate development

1. Log in to the microblog platform with a microblog account Sign up for Weibo >>

2. Improve platform user information Immediate improvement >>

1. Submit your website Submit Now >>

2. Verify website ownership View My Site

1. The verified website will get the appkey View appkey information in "My Website" >>

2. Use appkey to develop Weibo login on your website View the Rapid Development Document ">>

Note: At this time, you can use appkey for development testing, but only 15 test accounts can be used normally

1. You can submit for review after completing the development and going online View My Site >>

2. After passing the review, your website will no longer be limited by the number of test accounts, and the source information will be displayed normally in Weibo