Weibo follow button

The follow button can be deployed on any web page that supports html. Users can quickly become followers of your microblog by clicking the follow button on these pages; The Follow button will automatically judge the relationship with users. For users who have followed, their microblog updates will be displayed.

 Sketch map of Weibo follow button

Benefits of using Weibo follow button?

  1. 1. Simple operation, which can quickly gather popularity in a short time;
  2. 2. Let people who follow you follow your microblog, which is more targeted;
  3. 3. Let your Weibo fans quickly see your latest developments outside the station, increase the exposure of account information, and effectively cover and fully spread the information you publish on Weibo.

How to use the Weibo follow button?

Configure the style of the attention button, and embed the obtained corresponding code into the position where the attention button needs to be placed.

Step 1 Configure Weibo Follow Button Style

User nicknames to follow:



You can click the button below to try the effect Preview effect:

Step 2 Deployment Code

After completing the above configuration, follow the steps below to deploy the code to your website.

1. Add XML namespace in HTML tag
2. Insert WB in HEAD JS
3. Paste the WBML code where the Weibo follow button needs to be deployed, View more parameters