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Resolve the "Stopping nginx: nginx" error on the WDCP panel

Last night, Lao Zuo installed the latest version of WDCP V3 in the Linode VPS host according to the needs of netizens. By default, there is no problem in building the required website. Today, this friend came to me and mentioned that after adding a website and tossing about, the website could not be opened. Then he learned some online tutorials to operate and made various errors.

After Lao Zuo got the machine, the panel and website could not be logged in anyway, so he would directly SSH into the server and check what the problem was. First restart Apache and nginx to see, because they were installed at the time of installation, and the WDCP background could be switched and combined.

First, restart Apache and nginx

service httpd restart
service nginxd restart

Restart to see if there is an error.

Second, view the error message

Stopping nginx: nginx: [warn] conflicting server name " Site Domain Name " on, ignored

 View error message

This problem should be caused by repeated domain name addition errors when configuring domain names.

Third, solve problems


Here, go to the site file of the corresponding configuration, and you can see that there are duplicate site domain names in the site configuration. Here, we reserve the uniqueness, save and submit the replacement, and then restart nginx. All problems will be solved.

 Resolve the "Stopping nginx: nginx" error on the WDCP panel

Here we need to pay attention, especially when a novice uses VPS for the first time, and when using SFTP management, pay attention to deleting and modifying files, and remember to save them before modifying.

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