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Experience that WDCP V3.2 supports coexistence of multiple PHP versions and SSL function settings

Admittedly, many good Linux WEB panels appeared on the Internet in the early years, and they can help new VPS and server users get started quickly. However, due to various willingness, many free panels are no longer updated in succession, and have begun to switch to the charging mode, of course, there is no lack of various new panels. It is not clear whether it is due to the needs of users or the popularity of recent domestic panels, which has not been seen for a long time WDCP panel Upgrade again.

It is good to upgrade from the original 2.5 to the later 3.1, which can basically meet the use of newer software, but some auxiliary tools are still lacking. For example, some webmasters want different PHP versions to coexist, because many CMS programs can only be compatible with specific PHP versions, and SSL certificates can be installed easily in the old version WDCP panel There is none. Lao Zuo saw someone mention that these two functions have been added to this update, so he was ready to install them on the test machine.

First, install the new V3.2 version normally

yum install -y wget
tar zxvf lanmp_v3.2.tar.gz

According to the combination strategy, nginx 1.8.1, apache-2.2.31, mysql-5.5.54, and php-5.5.38 software are installed by default. Try the official default installation here. We will see how to install multiple PHP versions later. In fact, it also provides customized software installation, replacing the last line of the above script with.

sh cus

In this way, you can see the custom installation mode and select the required software version and combination.

 Install the new V3.2 version normally

Lao Zuo doesn't need to customize the installation here. He can install it by default. Then wait until the installation is completed.

 WDCP V3.2 installation completed

The installation time is a little long WDCP It should be noted that scoring nodes allow users to download. Previously, some users even mentioned that some VPS cannot download source software packages.

Second, experience WDCP V3.2 version difference

Because there is no original version on hand, I logged in to the new version by memory and saw that there was basically no other difference, about PHP version management and SSL certificate management. There is no installation by default. You need to install it before you can start and build a site.

Third, install multiple PHP versions

sh lib/ Specific version

According to the official method, execute the script and install version 5.2.17/5.3.29/5.4.45/5.5.38/5.6.30/7.0.18/7.1.4. For example, according to 7.1.4.

sh lib/ 7.1.4

It is not necessary to install all of them. You can choose to install them according to your needs. Otherwise, it will take a lot of resources. After installation, check whether it is started. When adding a site, you can choose which version of PHP.

 WDCP installation of multiple PHP versions

HTTPS support will not be demonstrated. According to the introduction, just drop the certificate file into the cert folder with the domain name format command, and it will be automatically matched. See the official documents if necessary.

To sum up, this new version of WDCP adds the problem of coexistence of multiple versions of SSL and PHP, which is suitable for some projects that need specific PHP versions.

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