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Hostspace VPS host performance and speed experience record in Los Angeles, USA

Hostspace, a domestic host provider, was founded in 2012. At present, it mainly provides server hosting, leasing and other services, as well as computer room products and services in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. A few days ago, I asked Laozuo if he needed to experience their machine, and then asked for a VPS host. After a few days of shelving, here we are going to record the simple performance of this machine.

For their products, because they are mainly related to the server, Lao Zuo has not seen their home information in blogs of the same kind, so if there are users or comments who have used them, you can leave a message, so that we can give ourselves and other users some reference in their choices. It should be noted here, because I tested VPS, and they do not officially have VPS, but only server products.

Second, test the IP address


Third, Ping speed test

Fourth, MTR route tracking test

Fifth, basic configuration

This is just to see if it is down, because this is VPS, not the server.

VI. Random download speed test

In conclusion, the above is Lao Zuo's simple experience of the merchant's product in a test VPS set up for him. Because they mainly rent servers. I haven't used servers before. If you have used them, you can leave a comment.

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