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One click quick reset of WDCP panel login password and how to view panel port

I met a netizen today. He is really a talent. VPS environment is used WDCP panel The website can be accessed normally, but he forgot the FTP account password of the website and was unable to transmit data, so he sent me the TXT document of the server and panel information he said he kept. Only the ROOT password is correct, and the address of other WDCP panel login entrances is wrong. Then, by checking the port, we can find the port 8080 that is not recorded, Then the login password of the WDCP panel was not recorded by him, so the problem was solved through the one button reset password provided by the WDCP itself.

Here Lao Zuo records how to find the current WDCP panel port and reset the WDCP panel password. Although the WDCP panel is generally updated, many people still use it.

First, view the port

netstat -lnpt

This friend recorded port 8080, but he didn't actually see it. So you can see the entrance through the port login panel.

Second, one click to retrieve the WDCP login password

sh /www/wdlinux/tools/

The WDCP toolkit comes with a login password that can be retrieved by script.

 One click to retrieve the WDCP login password

After executing the script, you can see the reset WDCP login password.

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