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Resolve the WDCP FTP prompt "No supported authentication methods available"

Select and use among domestic Linux VPS users WDCP panel There are still many users who use WEB panels. On the one hand, they are used to panel operations from the virtual host; on the other hand, Lao Zuo has asked these users that they feel relieved to see visual panels and operations. Whatever the purpose WDCP It has been upgraded to version 3.1, and all the version components required by the WEB have been updated. PHP 7 can also be installed optionally.

Yesterday, a netizen encountered a problem and prompted "Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (serversend: public key, gssapi keyex, gssapi with mic)" when logging in to SFTP. It must be unable to connect, but WDCP panel You can log in normally.

Lao Zuo asked for the account information, and when he logged in to SSH, he found that he directly jumped to the key login interface. It seems that this friend should WDCP Background settings have set key login and so on. I remember that security options such as ports and keys can be set in the WDCP background. It is estimated that the click was wrong.

 No supported authentication methods available

In the "Security Management" - "SSH Management" section, Lao Zuo saw that the password verification login option was "No", and the default was "Yes". He should have clicked to turn it off, so I clicked to turn it on, as shown in the figure above. Click the restart link of the next arrow. This can solve the problem.

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