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How to add multiple IP addresses to the WDCP panel and set separate IP addresses for different sites

about WDCP panel I remember writing this article before“ Solution for adding multiple IP addresses to VPS host sites on the WDCP panel "Yes. It is estimated that the version was different at that time. Just now, when setting independent IP when installing the WDCP panel for customers, I found that it was different from the previous one. There were some adjustments to the original new panel interface. Therefore, it is necessary for Lao Zuo to add multiple IPs to the latest WDCP panel, and to simply record multiple IPs pointing to different sites separately. This may be too simple for the boss, but it may save a lot of time for new webmasters who use the WDCP panel.

Step 1: Add multiple IPs for WDCP system settings

 Add multiple IPs on the wdcp panel

Click the "System Settings" text link on the left


In the "web server IP" column, enter multiple VPS IP addresses separated by commas

Step 2: Select the IP address for the new site

In the "New Site" on the left, we are ready to add the site that we need to point to the IP separately.


For example, we need to add the domain name of, and then select a corresponding IP from the IP we added in the first step. Then our domain name resolution also points to the IP selected here. A friend here should know that it has been completed.

It's that simple.

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