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A 15 yuan domain name voucher will be given to the newly registered Jing'an account for one year Top free domain name

Lao Zuo shared an article last week“ The newly registered users of Jing'an Fast Cloud will get a gift package of 500 yuan and the activity of buying one free fast cloud for the Mid Autumn Festival National Day "For newly registered members, there are reasons to give away RMB 500 vouchers. There are various reasons, including Fast Cloud, virtual hosts, servers, and domain name vouchers. We can see that there are 15 yuan. TOP domain name vouchers, and the official registration of Jing'an. TOP domain names just cost 15 yuan (that is, free for one year).

Although The actual use of TOP new suffix domain names is relatively small. Of course, if we go to register and wait for the opportunity of appreciation, it is also relatively small (where can we turn, especially when most of them are reserved by agents and booked in advance by big men). However, since there are free domains, if we register to learn website construction Practicing personal blog or demo program can still be used.

In this article, Lao Zuo will also experience how to register a new Jing'an account and obtain a 15 yuan domain name voucher to register TOP Free domain name If we need something, we can play together. If we don't need something, we can skip it.

First, participate in Jing'an new registered member activities

New account:

New account registration is very simple. You only need a mobile phone verification code to activate it. If you don't want to use your real mobile phone number, you can also use a mobile phone number like Ali Xiaohao in the market.

 A gift package of 500 yuan will be given to newly registered Jing'an members

Second, fill in the information of newly registered Jing'an members

 Information filled in by newly registered Jing'an members

Here, according to the prompts in the text, fill in our personal information. After the registration is completed, there is no need to activate the email (but an email confirming the account registration will be received), and then you can log in to the account background.

 Check the 15 yuan given by Jing An Top domain name voucher

Here we can see the 15 yuan domain name voucher in the "My Gift" menu, and of course there are other host related vouchers. Here Laozuo (laozuo. org) only cares about the 15 yuan domain name voucher, and then goes to use it.

Third, new registration TOP Free Domain Name Process

Now that we have got 15 yuan Top domain name voucher, let's register the domain name, what are we waiting for? If Jing'an adjusts the price of the domain name, it will not be free at that time (it is estimated that if a large number of registrations are made, the activities may be adjusted, because some users are crazy, and they will register accounts and free domain names on a large scale)

 New registration TOP Free Domain Name Process

Lao Zuo doesn't need a domain name, so he doesn't want to think about any good domain names. Anyway, the suffix of this domain name should not be expected to appreciate. After all, the good ones have been reserved or collected, so we can register one here at random. If you see that it has not been registered, click to register now.

 Choose to use 15 yuan TOP domain name voucher

Here at the voucher location, select the voucher we obtained before.

 Improve personal information

Because we are a new registered account, our personal information is not perfect, and we need to improve the domain name WHOIS information here. Remember that it seems that there was a regulation in July. The domain names registered by domestic registrars need to be authenticated before they can be parsed, but after the test by Lao Zuo, TOP does not need to verify the information, so we can fill in the untrue information, but it is best to provide it if it is really used, In case personal information needs to be verified later.

 Free Admission. Top domain name registration succeeded

Here we successfully registered Free Admission. TOP domain name The domain name status in the domain name management list is normal The TOP domain name does not need to submit personal information at present, so we successfully registered to this free one year TOP domain name.

To sum up, we can register to Jing'an by means of new registration of Jing'an account and simple mobile phone verification Free Admission. TOP domain name , and there is no need to verify personal information, ID card data, etc., which is relatively simple. Such domain names are rarely used in formal projects, but we can use them for learning or project demonstration, or some netizens do junk websites or batch website groups, which can save costs.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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