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US Certified Hosting virtual host pays $15 per year, unlimited number of sites to be built, 1 domain name to be sent

American old brand virtual host Certified Hosting , established in 1999 to sell virtual hosts, distribution hosts, servers as the main business businesses. At present, it is the 15th anniversary of the official celebration. The original price of the virtual host was 8.95 dollars per month (107 dollars per year), but now it only needs to pay 15 dollars per year. If you need a virtual host, you can see this event. The products of this store are relatively stable. Lao Zuo saw the hot discussion among the peer group during Black Friday last year, and then I started a year. At that time, the price of the event was about $10, which I can't remember clearly.

If we need a cheap virtual host to build a website, this virtual host does not limit the number of websites. If our site is relatively small, it is not a problem to put 5-10 websites, so the cost will be relatively reduced. Certified Hosting virtual host data center is located in Atlanta. If we are interested, we can refer to the following tutorial to purchase a virtual host for an annual payment of $15.

Step 1: Log in to the official website of Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting official website address:

After logging into the official website above, we can see a relatively conspicuous $15 annual virtual hosting activity in the first picture of the focus map slide on the top of the home page.

 Certified Hosting official website

Click the activity publicity to reach the detailed interface, and we can see the detailed activity introduction.


The original price of buying a virtual host was paid in 107, but now it is $15, and one domain name is also free. If you need it, click ORDER NOW in the lower right corner!

Step 2: Enter the Certified Hosting primary domain name


Enter the main domain name. If anyone has bought another virtual host, they should know it. But in the Certified Hosting virtual host, if we need it Free domain name You need to start buying virtual hosts together. If you don't fill in the purchase form now, it will not be supplemented later. However, if we start to buy a virtual host+domain name, if we are not satisfied with the virtual host, we can refund at any time, but the cost of the domain name needs to be borne by ourselves.

PS: One year's virtual host+one domain name, even if it is worse, it will not be worse. It is only 15 dollars, worth it. In order to demonstrate the effect, Lao Zuo does not register a new domain name, but uses his own existing domain name.

Step 3: Determine the host scheme

 Determine the Certified Hosting virtual host scheme

We need to determine the host scheme to see if it is $15 (because the activity is over at any time). It is recommended not to buy other additional products. Here, Lao Zuo sees the total price of $15. If there is an account, there will be an account login. If not, click "NEW CUSTOMER" to register as a new user.

Step 4: Register the Certified Hosting account

 New registered account

It's easy to register a new account. Here are some tips to note:

First, you should use Pinyin or English to fill in the form. Second, you should try to provide detailed information, such as where you are from; It is better to use your own real name, which is the same as the name of the person who will choose the payment method. This is helpful for direct review and activation. If our name is inconsistent with the payment method, we may need to verify the account (when I opened it, it was consistent, and I opened it directly). Credit card can be selected( Payoneer card You can also use), PAYPAL and Bitcoin for payment.

Finally, it is confirmed that there is no problem. We click the SUBMIT ORDER button to confirm the payment. After opening, detailed account information will be sent to the mailbox, and account management will be logged in according to the corresponding path. Certified Hosting host adopts CPANEL panel, which is convenient.

Supplement - This Certified Hosting machine is a PING data test purchased by myself

 Certified Hosting PING data

The computer room is located in Atlanta, which may not be as fast as Los Angeles or Seattle. But as a cheap machine, it should be acceptable to send domain names, and we can't ask too much (personal understanding). If there is a need for foreign trade or English websites, it is still a more affordable choice.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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