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The cheap domain name and free domain name understood by Lao Zuo and the suggested selection principles

These days I saw many netizens in the group discussing free Some topics of the XYZ domain name, such as this problem, Lao Zuo had experience with everyone at the beginning, and would spend a lot of time and energy looking for free hosts Free domain name In fact, as time goes by, we will feel how ridiculous and ignorant the previous practices are, and even waste a lot of time. Sometimes we will even have such a feeling that if we didn't Free domain name , well run a website with a regular domain name, maybe. Of course, this is also a kind of experience. We can experience it or cross it.

 The cheap domain name and free domain name understood by Lao Zuo and the suggested selection principles

In this article, Lao Zuo will share an article about free domain names and Cheap domain name The two are different, Cheap domain name It means that in some activities of domain name registrars, we buy cheaper domain names than usual, which will save us a lot of costs in building a website. Free domain names are more attractive activities than cheap domain names used by businesses for promotion.

How to obtain cheap or free domain names:

First, promotional activities

In particular, during some overseas festivals and activities, some domain names and hosting companies will carry out promotional activities based on this to make it cheaper. There are even free event domain names. Generally, there will be restrictions on the number of each account and the deadline of the time. For example, the upcoming Black Friday and other activities are similar Namecheap As usual, other businesses will also have cheap registration and transfer activities.

Second, buy a host and give it a free domain name

Many overseas host vendors will give a domain name along with the host when buying the host. Some will give a free one year (such as BlueHost, JustHost, Godaddy, etc.), and some will renew the main host. The domain name will always be free (ARVIX, etc.). If we really need a merchant's host, and we are sure that the host we are going to use for a long time, we must add the domain name together. After all, it is free. If we are not sure about the performance of the host, we may need a refund. We'd better not add the domain name when buying the host, because the domain name needs to be paid by ourselves when refunding the host.

There is a problem here. Most of the domain names given by webhosting vendors are allowed to be transferred to other vendors the next year. Similar to the domain names given by WebHostingBuzz webhosting vendors, when we want to transfer codes and unlock them, we will tell them not to transfer them. We can ignore their policies and directly submit them to ICANN for mandatory implementation (not afraid you will not give them).

Suggestions on the selection of cheap and free domain names

First, choose according to needs

Lao Zuo also has such a problem, which may also be a disease. When he sees a cheap host computer and a cheap domain name, he will not stop buying one. Even if he starts to struggle and even vows not to buy one, he will still stop buying one. He feels that if he doesn't buy one, he will lose money. Even if he doesn't know what to use after buying it, he may be idle.

Therefore, before we get sick, we must be careful to remember that when we see cheap domain names, even if they are free, we should not waste time buying or registering if there is no need, because once we get them, they will take up some of our time, including the time of trouble.

Second, choose useful

Free domain names usually have unconventional suffixes, such as what people say these days I personally do not recommend choosing the XYZ domain name, because these suffixes are uncommon, and the good ones are reserved. We don't have to follow the crowd to create momentum. Most of the domain name registrars with these strange suffixes have basically the same routine. In the first stage, they will first choose the meaning of the suffix everywhere, how promising it is, and then they will reserve a large number of excellent prefixes themselves, or even get excellent prefixes through bidding. In the second stage, users will be free to register at a high price; The third stage is cheap or even free for users to hold, resulting in a certain number of registrations (even the so-called leaderboard). The fourth stage may gradually release the good prefixes that were originally reserved and held to sell at a high price.

The domain name has a deep water. If we want to make personal suggestions or register regular suffixes, if we just play and practice, we can do a free trick, but don't take it seriously. From the perspective of the renewal of the next year, or even the experience of search engines, these cheap or even free suffixes have little future.

There are many such examples. For example, if a netizen registers and uses a domain name in a country, his personal information will be verified according to the policy after being found. If there is no verification information in this country, he will be confiscated. If our website spends a lot of effort? It was a waste.

To sum up, whether it is free or paid domain names, we need to choose according to needs. Seizing the activities can save money, but too many activities are not our needs, but also a waste of money. Choose when you need them, otherwise we will just watch the news.

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