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Free registration for one year OOO domain name and support modifying DNS third-party management

If we need to use it for building a website, Lao Zuo suggested not to use it Free domain name Even some non ICANN certified service providers are not recommended to choose. Otherwise, it would be a tragedy if the website could not be transferred or inadvertently restricted or deleted after being expanded. A few days ago, Lao Zuo also saw that many netizens were sharing that some businesses provided free services The domain name of the OOO suffix.

I really don't like this suffix very much, because it's really difficult to distinguish o (oh) from 0 (zero), and we don't recommend mixing o (oh) with 0 (zero) when we need to register a domain name. Since it can be used for one year for free, it should still be possible to use some of them for the purpose of site group projects. Previously, I saw a lot of website users using TK and other domain names, at least OOO is better than those suffixes.

I didn't see how much the contract was renewed, but even if I registered a test below, I wouldn't renew the contract. Maybe after the test application, I wouldn't care about it. The main thing is to see how free it is Whether the OOO domain name can be applied.

I. Application address

Application address:

Enter the domain name here for detection.

Second, detect and add shopping cart

The domain name can be registered to add shopping cart.

This interface pops up, and click NO thanks

Third, preferential savings and registered accounts

Here we directly default to our own discount, so we can see that the price is free. If the coupon is not free, the activity is over.

IV. New registered account

Here, if we don't have an account, we need to register a new one. Registration is very simple.

Confirm the order after registration.

Fifth, check and manage domain names

1. We can see the domain name

2. Manage domain names

Here we can manage the domain name, but we are still used to the degree of DNS replacement, and then directly manage the resolution in the third-party DNS. Every time we modify the resolution, we have to come in.

Here it can be replaced by our third-party DNS.

The summary is so simple. We can apply for one free one year The OOO domain name suffix can be used for projects you need, but it is said that the renewal fee for the second year is not cheap, so it is recommended to throw it away after playing for one year.

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