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Free top-level domain name OVH registration application process with successful registration tips

Recently, netizens are enthusiastic about it OVH Registration Free domain name According to the official free domain name promotion information, as of December 31, 2014, 50000 free domain names will be provided The number of registered OVH free domain names. Each account can register up to 5 domain names without any credit card payment activation information. In fact, this information has been seen a few days ago, and many netizens in the group have successfully registered, mainly because Lao Zuo does not have a domain name to register, nor does he need to register a free domain name, so he is lazy to register.

Today I saw that there was no other article information updated, so I tried to find out OVH Free top-level domain name I saw that some articles mentioned the registration of limited nationals and that overseas IP and address information are required to register, so I used two methods to register. One account uses a local IP address (without changing the IP address), and one account uses a US IP address and a US address. So far, Lao Zuo has personally tested the situation (perhaps because of my personal character). The local IP can register domain names at will. At present, two accounts have been registered, but the US IP address account has been loading without success.

Before writing this article, I had completed the test, so I shared this article at least because I used the no problem tutorial method. If friends need a free domain name, you can refer to (only refer to) my method, but it can't be guaranteed to be effective all the time. At least I have no problem in the test today.

First, new registration . OVH domain name account

It's very important here. Many people will register their domain names first, and then apply for accounts at the final order office. As a result, they need to submit an identity verification account. Do you think that if there is no option for us in the registered account, we may pass the review? Therefore, we must register the account first, and then register the domain name after the account registration is successful. In this way, there is no need to audit, maybe it is a bug.

Registered address of account:

 . OVH free domain name account

The first step here is to fill in the registration information and select the country. This picture was originally taken to select the US address. Unexpectedly, the US account has not been successfully registered, so it is recommended to select HONGKONG and use the local IP instead of changing the IP.

 . OVH domain name registration account to improve personal information

We can improve personal information. We can use Pinyin for the address at will. We can find a post code of HONGKONG for the post code. We can use a local phone at will for the phone. We don't need to verify and don't have to worry about it.

 OVH free domain name account registration succeeded

The OVH free domain name account is successfully registered, and an email will be sent to our mailbox. You can log in directly without activation. Let's not rush to register the domain name first, we can log in the account to check whether the information (MY Settings) is complete. Because my information was incomplete at the beginning, a domain name that I thought was good was not registered successfully and was stuck in my account.

Second, registration is free OVH Domain Name Process

The account has been registered. Log in to the account and prepare to register the free domain name we need.

Free Admission. OVH Registered Address:

Through the above address, login and enter the free registration required OVH domain name.

 Check Whether the OVH domain name is registered

The demo domain name checked by Lao Zuo here is not registered, and the AVAILABLE registration status will be prompted. Click Continue.

 Set OVH domain name DNS

Here we need to set DNS, and select the first free DNS.

 Verification Code

Lao Zuo may also save a few screenshots. Anyway, we just need to continue CONTINUE by default. Then we can see the above figure and input the verification code (in lowercase). Then we just need to wait. If it is a new account, the first domain name will also have an activation email as shown below.


The first domain name of the account will have an email as shown in the above figure. We need to activate it and wait for the official registration. If it is the second domain name and several other domains, you do not need to activate them. You can see the registration status after submitting them directly.

 View OVH domain name registration status

After waiting for a few minutes, we can receive the email of successful registration. When we return to the OVH account, we can see the successful domain names.

 . OVH Domain Name Successful Registration List

So far, we have successfully registered for free For OVH domain names, one account can register five. Lao Zuo only tests them for fun, and he doesn't intend to register them for use, so he can register two play certificates.

PS:. OVH free domain name is good for testing and playing Free top-level domain name After all, there are still many short and easy to remember items. Even the renewal fee seems to only cost about 1 euro. We can also modify DNS. It is said that only foreign DNS can be modified, but DNSPOD is not supported( Share 8 domestic and foreign free DNS service providers )。

Lao Zuo doesn't know or guarantee whether such speculative registration will be deleted. Anyway, there is no problem with this business. It is a well-known French domain name and host business.

Attachment: Tips for successful registration of OVH domain name

From the registration of Lao Zuo, I can only say that I can successfully register The skills used in OVH domain names may be coincidental, but they can be used after all.

A - Use the local IP address, Hong Kong information, a little more formal, such as Pinyin

B - Register the account first, then register the domain name. Don't rush to register the domain name. Register the account first, etc

C - If the first domain name is unsuccessful, the second domain name and the third domain name can be registered without activating account information

D - An account can have up to 5 domain names. Don't be greedy.

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