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Free Admission. Detailed Graphic and Text Tutorial of TK Domain Name Registration

Lao Zuo shared an article before“ Free Admission. ME domain name application practice sharing tutorial "As long as we don't want to be greedy or have a certain technical level, we can still register our favorite free. ME domain names. In fact, among the countless domain name suffixes on the Internet, back in 2001, . TK domain name It is free to register for use, provided that some good suffixes are also protected from our registration. I have seen many webmasters using free websites before TK domain name has become a website of garbage dump group for various reasons TK domain names are blocked in some regions.

If we want to have one more TK domain name can be registered for playing. Lao Zuo will share it with you for free TK domain name registration detailed text tutorial. The premise is that I don't know whether I can successfully register. Anyway, let's try it together.

The first step is to log on to the official website of TK domain name registration:

 Free Admission. TK domain name registration interface

Free Admission. TK domain name registration interface

After logging in to the home page, enter what you need to register TK domain name.

Second, we can set the domain name to directly jump to other domains of our own, or we can use this TK domain name is used to build a site to resolve A records. Enter the verification code to continue registration.

 Start registering domain name

Start registering domain name

Click the "Register" button to continue the next step. We need to input our email address. I originally wanted to input my QQ email address, but I was prompted that I could not, or I could input other HOTMAIL or OUTLOOK. It seems that I don't know Tencent. Revised on August 30, 2013: Or we can log in with several platform accounts provided. If we register with our own email, we can only use our own domain email. The free email will prompt that the email address is invalid)

Step 3: Enter our name and password and click to establish an account.

 Input password

Enter password and name

Step 4: Confirm the mailbox.

 Email confirmation required

Email confirmation required

So I went to my mailbox to check the email. I found it in the spam. I saw the email account, password and verification code of our account. We need to click the link to activate it and enter the verification code.

 Activate our free TK domain name

Activate our free TK domain name

After activation, we can log in the account for management. If you fail to register, you can refer to the article just added“ Solutions to Several Problems of Unsuccessful Registration of Free TK Domain Names "Article.

Proxy service solution:

If you pass the above method, you will not register For the TK domain name, you can contact Lao Zuo to see if he can register it on his behalf.

 Free Admission. TK domain name registration

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