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Which business is better for buying foreign space? Recommended by 3 foreign space merchants

Which is better for foreign space merchants? With the reduction of the price of cloud servers and independent servers and the transformation of businesses, we see that many foreign space businesses have been merged or closed directly, and the number of users who buy foreign space is indeed decreasing. After all, because of the emergence of mobile Internet, everyone has started to go to We Media and short video. But we still buy more foreign space on foreign trade websites.

If we need to choose a foreign space, Lao Zuo still suggests that we choose a mainstream old brand service provider. We may see a lot of ten host providers and eight host providers. Here we directly select three foreign space providers that Lao Zuo has in use.

First, SugarHosts

SugarHosts, we are used to calling it Candy Hosts. A British host company founded in 2009 has been selling to the Asian market since its inception, so we can see that it provides simplified Chinese, Alipay, Chinese customer service, etc. At present, there are virtual hosts in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, France, Taiwan and other regions. In general, our Chinese website suggests to choose Hong Kong and the United States direct connection machine rooms, while the European host needs to choose German machine rooms.


Candy hosting companies also have cloud servers and independent servers at present, but here we only look at their virtual hosts. For other ECS or independent servers, we will introduce others.

Second, HawkHost

HawkHost, a Canadian virtual host company, is used to call HawkHost because its logo is the eagle logo. A Canadian host company established in 2002 has supported Alipay payment since 2012, which is regarded as a relatively old overseas host company. In the same period, many host companies have been closed and acquired, and Hawk has always insisted on and steadily improved. Currently, there are Los Angeles, Singapore, Dallas, Washington, and the Netherlands, and many virtual hosts are selected.


Hawk's virtual hosting company is also just a Linux system, and can choose Los Angeles, Dallas and other computer rooms. Although there are also computer rooms in Hong Kong and Singapore, if you do Chinese websites, it is recommended to choose Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore. Foreign trade websites also give priority to Los Angeles. Others can choose according to needs. If you are a local business in Singapore, you should choose Singapore.


In the early years around 2010, foreign trade websites were very popular. Can we not know about BlueHost merchants? Most foreign trade websites will use their home virtual hosts. This is an old host company, which has been acquired by EIG. At present, there are Chinese website services for China, and the host is also different from the international version. The Chinese website provides computer rooms in Hong Kong, India, the United States, and so on. Generally, we prefer Hong Kong computer rooms and American computers.

BlueHost is an old brand business host in the United States. At present, it provides virtual hosts and server products in the United States and Hong Kong, with advanced technology, good service and stable server, suitable for small business website applications.

To sum up, if we need to choose foreign space providers, we recommend BLUEHOST or HAWKHOST for foreign trade websites, and Hong Kong machine room for candy hosts for Chinese websites. The host of European foreign trade business can choose the Dutch machine room of candy host or the BLUEHOST European machine room.

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