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Cause Analysis and Solution of Ping Failure of Several Servers

Reasons for Server Ping Failure What is it? Today, I met a netizen who contacted Lao Zuo. He bought a Tencent ECS a few days ago( Tencent ECS procurement season activity )It's impossible to ping. What is the cause of this problem? However, Lao Zuo found that his server was turned off after checking for him. Restart it to solve the problem of ping failure. This problem is one of the small problems that caused the server to ping failure.

 Cause Analysis and Solution of Ping Failure of Several Servers

In fact, there are still many cases where our server cannot be pinged. Some are because our server IP address is blocked, and some are because our server itself is disabled from pinging by default. For example, Alibaba Cloud server security group settings will be disabled from pinging. In this article, Lao Zuo sorted out the causes of several common servers that failed to ping, including a summary of possible solutions.

First, check and view the server status

For example, the student mentioned by Lao Zuo above is a simple question. Because he used ECS for the first time, he didn't see that the server was turned off. This situation is definitely not PING. We need to check whether the current status of the server is normal, including whether we have completed the system installation. Sometimes the service provider installs the system slowly, and there may be a timeout problem during the system installation process.

Second, security group firewall settings

For example, we may have used Alibaba Cloud servers. Lao Zuo is also here“ Solve the problem that AliCloud server cannot ping to check whether the IP address is blocked "As recorded in the article, Alibaba Cloud security group settings may see that the server IP pings are blocked, and we need to release the port to solve the problem. These are the default settings that service providers use for server security. Generally, servers have no default settings, except that we need to set our own settings to disable pings.

Third, server failure

If our server system is not properly installed and can not run normally, it must also be PING disabled. We need to check whether the server has problems, such as whether it can log in remotely and whether the environment in the system can be opened. This includes whether our server is paused. For example, some hosting companies also have problems with our servers that cause the service provider to pause. Of course, it also includes whether there is overdue downtime.

Fourth, the server IP is blocked

The problem of server IP being blocked is also common. We have also seen that Lao Zuo of Alibaba Cloud Tencent Cloud Hong Kong server has met several times, and domestic nodes cannot be opened, while foreign nodes can be opened. This is the server IP that is sealed. Including overseas service providers, some service providers have blocked the server IP due to possible or unknown problems.

To sum up, there are only a few reasons why the server cannot ping. If our server can log in remotely normally, it may be a firewall setting problem. If the remote connection is not possible, the problem may be whether the system needs to be reinstalled on the server and whether the IP needs to be checked to see if it is blocked.

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