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Reasons and advantages for stationmaster to choose foreign space

At present, there are two major areas for us to choose host space, domestic and foreign. Generally, if we set up a Chinese website, we will choose domestic space for speed. If it is a foreign trade website, it must be chosen Foreign space Of course, some netizens will choose Foreign host The reason is that considering the policy and special business needs, we will choose Foreign host For example, domestic hosts have low bandwidth and insufficient defense against attacks, so foreign servers and other products will be selected.

Today, Lao Zuo spent a little time talking about some cognition of foreign space in detail. For example, when we choose foreign space, what host class lines are there, and some differences in characteristics.

First, the classification form of foreign space

We choose foreign space, and the installation system can be divided into Windows and Linux systems, the latter is relatively more. For the former, because of the copyright fee, the cost increases. In addition, in terms of website construction or application requirements, most of our open source software is supported in Linux systems, so we see few Windows vendors among overseas host vendors.

However, due to the lax copyright, we can see that foreign hosts provided by domestic host manufacturers can choose Windows systems instead. In fact, we all know that most of these systems are pirated. However, there are a few users of the Win system abroad, so businesses rarely provide it. In the early years, some of our domestic webmasters were accustomed to the domestic Win system, so it was difficult to change from choosing foreign host companies for a while, but at present, we are basically familiar with the Linux system.

From the perspective of server architecture, we generally have virtual hosts (virtual spaces), cloud servers (VPS), independent servers, cluster servers, etc. Some webmasters in our early years knew about virtual hosting, that is, using cPanel and Plesk panels, businesses split many panel accounts on the server, and then we can create and manage host space in our own panel accounts.

For foreign space, we also distinguish according to language, such as ASP space and PHP space, which is actually the difference between Windows and Linux systems mentioned above.

Second, advantages of foreign hosts

Our choice of foreign hosts also has its own needs, such as our foreign trade website needs, you must choose foreign space. There are also regional differences. For example, if we are engaged in global business, we usually choose American hosts. If we are engaged in European business, we recommend choosing European machine rooms. This region has great advantages. For example, there are differences in the speed of potential users' selection in different regions. Google's search engine has a certain impact on the host location, the index and ranking of websites.

Foreign hosts do not need to be equipped with A, so many of our webmasters will choose foreign hosts to build their websites, and even many people will build marginal websites or bad websites. However, Lao Zuo personally suggested that any host or website construction and other businesses should be legitimate and reasonable, and we should not speculate or think that they are illegal. These are not recommended. We must standardize the use and selection.

Foreign hosts are really cheaper. In the early years, when we chose domestic hosts, the price was very expensive. Later, everyone preferred to choose overseas hosts. It is true that overseas hosts are cheaper. Lao Zuo is also here Cheap virtual host Some excellent overseas host manufacturers are introduced in, as well as VPS host

Third, reasons for choosing overseas hosts

Based on the advantages of overseas hosts mentioned above, we will choose them. However, to a large extent, it is because the content of overseas hosting companies is loose, and the price is cheap, and there are even many businesses to choose from. Many of us are not building websites or other businesses, but playing around. We have a habit of thinking that overseas hosting companies are good.

However, overseas host companies still have some shortcomings. For example, there are certainly shortcomings when we choose cheap lines. For example, the CN2 machine room with good speed is still expensive. If we just play, it doesn't matter. Some overseas hosts are really cheap.

To sum up, if we build our own stations, if we don't like the need to prepare A, we can choose Asian direct connection servers, such as those in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other Asian direct connection lines.

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