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 Which business is better for buying foreign space? Recommended by 3 foreign space merchants | Lao Zuo's notes
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Which business is better for buying foreign space? Recommended by 3 foreign space merchants

Which is better for foreign space merchants? With the reduction of the price of cloud servers and independent servers and the transformation of businesses, we see that many foreign space businesses have been merged or closed directly, and the number of users who buy foreign space is indeed decreasing. After all, because of the emergence of mobile Internet, everyone has started to go to We Media and short video. But we still buy foreign trade website

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Reasons and advantages for stationmaster to choose foreign space

At present, there are two major areas for us to choose host space, domestic and foreign. Generally, if we set up a Chinese website, we will choose domestic space for speed. If it is a foreign trade website, we will definitely choose foreign space. Of course, some netizens will choose foreign hosts because of the policy and special business needs. They will choose foreign hosts, such as domestic hosts

 WebHostingPad virtual hosting vendor overview and selection considerations | Lao Zuo's notes
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WebHostingPad Virtual Hosting Vendor Overview and Selection Considerations

In the past, Lao Zuo only focused on a few mainstream American virtual hosting companies and conventional cloud server products at home and abroad, and felt that there was no content to write. However, due to some policy problems, it is not allowed to write some personal service providers. After all, if there are problems, there may be incidental problems. So Lao Zuo is going to slowly expand his awareness. Bao